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Chris Duffield, Ph.D.

Contact Information:  cdiptq@iptq.com
Stanford University

Mailing address:
Box 19652
Stanford CA 94309-9652

Chris Duffield, Spring 2004

Check out IPTQ.com, my big website about insulin potentiation therapy (IPT).  The information on that website could save the life of someone close to you, and could change the practice of medicine worldwide.

I gave a talk (read about it) about virtual information and the virtual information domain (Vid) at the Xerox PARC Forum on February 15, 2001.  
Watch it now on the Microsoft MURL website.  (100 KBps connection required).

Personal statement:  I am a generalist, interested and active in many realms.  After exploring and participating in a lot of fields, I find that they all begin to fit together in my life, intuition, comprehension, action, and experience.   For me, Stanford and the Bay Area and the Earth are a playground of endless fascinations.  I am delighted to have this chance to be alive, participate, and contribute.

Skills:  Science & technology consultant.  Creative problem solving, liaison, insight, foresight, research, invention, writing, innovation, overview, intuition, vision.  

Current roles:

bulletvisiting scholar,  Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, Stanford University.  Lab research on insulin potentiation therapy (IPT),

WebHost of IPTQ.com  a website about insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), probably one of the greatest medical discoveries of the 20th century, which has been ignored for 70 years.  IPT could offer better treatment for cancer, arthritis, infectious, respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, and other diseases.  This is a large, comprehensive website.
       Read about how I got involved with IPT....

bulletScience & Technology Consultant, based in Silicon Valley.   Research, design, intuition.  Involved as co-founder in two biotech startups.

bulletDirector of the Virtual Information Lab  (VIL).and its Info-X projects.

Past roles:

bulletVisiting Scholar, Center for Latin American Studies, Stanford University.  Research, writing, and teaching about insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), and its discovery by Mexican doctor Donato Perez Garcia MD in 1926.
bulletVisiting Scholar, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California.  Research projects:  magnetic fields and water, memory effects in water, and more...  Working with Professor emeritus William A. Tiller and his Ph.D. student Masumi Yamashita.
bulletResearch Associate, large neuroscience lab of Carol Barnes and Bruce McNaughton, University of Arizona.
bullet Design/Science/Engineering/Computer consultant in Tucson.
bulletDirector of Scientific Research, and Corporate Secretary, SANA Institute, Inc.
bulletTreasurer and Vice Chairman of Medical Renaissance Foundation.
bulletAssociate Engineer for Sverdrup at NASA-Ames.

Current projects & interests:  Launching IPTQ.org.    Inertia experiments.  New computing and communications concepts.  New genomics and gene chip concepts.   Quantum nonlocality in nanoscale systems.  Technoecology.  Consciousness.  New ways of doing business.

Past projects & interests:  Running shoe design.   Medical measuring instruments.  Neuroscience electrodes and lab apparatus.   Jet engines.  Technoecology.  

Writing projects:  IPTQ.com  website.  Technoecology book.   Information technology book.  Screenplay with science & spirituality themes.  

Past writing projects & publications:
Geothermal and solar energy technoecology overview monographs.
Virtual information domain abstract at Tucson II consciousness conference.
Consciousness Evolution and the Space Odyssey (2001) Tunnel, private manuscript in 1971.

Amherst College:  B.A., geology. 
University of Arizona:  M.S. in geosciences, Ph.D. in global technoecology and arid lands, and postdoctoral studies in optics, electronics, engineering, neuroscience, and business.

CDuffield consulting logo (C) 1997
C Duffield consulting logo  1997

Honors:   Presidential Scholar.  National Merit Scholar.  Sigma Xi scientific society.  Rolex Awards for Enterprise, international finalist.  Invited speaker at Royal Nepal Academy of Science & Technology.

Pastimes and outside interests:   Travel.  Nature.  Solar eclipses.  Movies.   Arts of all kinds.  Jazz.  Hiking, trail running.  Attending seminars, conferences, and trade shows.  Flying,  surfing, and snowboarding in my next life, when there is time...  time...

Family background:  One of my great grandfathers, Selim Franklin, was a founder of the University of Arizona.  My mother, Mary Rose Duffield, is a landscape architect and author.  My father, Richard Duffield, is an attorney in Tucson, Arizona.   And my biological father, Milton Frank, was involved in high level public relations with the US Air Force, California State University system, and Adelphi University, and was U.S. Ambassador to Nepal.

Personal Quests: To help develop radically new technologies and scientific understandings.  To understand and experience consciousness.  To get to know my inner resources, and to manifest them in the world, while I have this precious life.  To learn to be a human being and to fully appreciate being alive.  Oh, and I'm still hoping my ideal female partner will show up...

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