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    IPT deserves a robust and excellent professional infrastructure. 
As of March 12, 2007, I am no longer listing IPT practitioners, nor other health professionals with IPT training.  This service task is being taken on by the Elka Best Foundation.  EBF is capable and poised to take IPT into a future that we hope will include scientific validation, widespread adoption, and rapid growth.  If 77 years of wonderful anecdotes are an indication of effectiveness, then IPT deserves nothing less than the Best.

    The Elka Best Foundation has taken on the tasks of training and certifying IPT practitioners, providing them continuing education, maintaining listings that are as current as possible, supporting scientific and clinical research, enforcing ethical and practice standards, communicating with patients and advocating for them, organizing professional IPT conferences, and much more.  I have seen the need for such an organization for many years, but the skills of others were needed to form it.  And here it is.

    I encourage all IPT practitioners worldwide to immediately register with the Elka Best Foundation, and pay their fees for listing on  And I encourage everyone to support the foundation and its work, through volunteering, advocacy, financial gifts, and simply telling your family and friends.


Chris Duffield PhD
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March 12, 2007

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While individual anecdotal case reports, a few laboratory experiments, and a few very small pilot clinical studies since 1930 suggest that Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) may be effective, there is at present no body of scientific data to convincingly validate it as a treatment for cancer or other diseases.

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