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Patent Number 2,145,869 Patented Feb. 7, 1939


Donato Perez Garcia, Mexico, D.F., Mexico

No Drawing. Application July 13, 1935.

Serial No. 31,287

2 claims. (Cl. 167-69)

My invention relates to a composition and system for the treatment of neurosyphilis, and in general for the treatment of syphilis in any one of its stages. The system and composition are radical in that they make a definite progress in the treatment of the disease.

The system is based on the simultaneous use of certain chemicals and treatments which to some extent have already been known to be beneficial in the treatment of the disease, although not in association with each other or in the proportions herein set forth. The use of these materials in the proportions herein set forth cannot have a fatal toxic result because of the method I employ for preparing the patient for their reception.

Through my discovery, the use of doses of the materials in the quantity and proportions herein set forth is made possible, with the consequent beneficial results.

The use of a glucose solution by intravenous injection is beneficial in the treatment of neurosyphilis or of syphilis in general, but by itself it can have no real value as a treatment for these diseases. In my system of treatment, I use as a vehicle for the administration of remedial agents for the treatment of these diseases, a glucose solution of 30% with chemically pure calcium chloride in the proportions of fifteen cubic centimeters of glucose solution with about 0.50 gramme of calcium chloride. I use the foregoing quantity for one intravenous injection.

This compound can be mixed if desired, with arsenical salts of the well known "Neo-Salvarsan' type, such as "Neo-Arspenemine", "Neo-Diarsenol", etc. Likewise, the glucose solution may be of 30% and may be injected in quantities of from ten cubic centimeters up to twenty cubic centimeters. The quantity of calcium chloride employed and put in the solution of glucose may vary from one-half to one gramme.

The solution may be prepared in the desired strength within the limits above set forth and put up in ampules of glass or other convenient dose measurements.

The dose in respect to the quantity of calcium chloride varies according to the sensibility of the patient for calcium. This is determined with the first injection, of the small amount, subsequent injections containing more according to the results.

In preparing the formula for practical use, I take an ampule of for instance somewhat more than 15 cubic centimeters capacity, place one gramme, 50 centigrammes of chloride or gluconate of chemically pure calcium and 4 grammes plus 50 centigrammes of chemically pure glucose therein. I then seal the ampule in the usual manner with the proper precautions as to sterilization, such as are customary in the production of ampules of this type. Approximately 15 cubic centimeters of double distilled water may be added.

To make use of the foregoing solution and substances possible in the quantities mentioned, without fatal results to the patient being treated, the patient must first be prepared to be able to withstand the injection, as it is well known that the human body has a limit of resistance to intravenous injections of this type, beyond which limit the injection is likely to have fatal results.

I prepare the patient by previously injecting a quantity of insulin in such a way that this injection may produce on him a hypoglycemic shock. This is for two purposes: to increase the antitoxin function of the organs such as the liver and kidneys, etc., in charge of such function, and further to give permeability to the nerve cells and all others of the human body. As the antitoxic function is increased, larger quantities of medicamental substances than the body would normally be able to tolerate may be injected.

The most successful way of treating the body for diseases of the type herein mentioned is to saturate the organism with the medicaments used. Arsenic, mercury and bismuth, as well as glucose and calcium chloride would he toxic in the large doses required to saturate the organism of a patient in the ordinary manner of using and applying them by injection. With this system, they are not toxic, and, therefore, larger quantities than usual may be applied, either singly or in combination.

Prior to my invention or discovery thereof, hypertonic solutions of glucose have not been employed for the treatment of syphilis. In my system, the glucose has two effects: it serves as a vehicle as well as a curative agent in and of itself. It serves as a vehicle because in it are dissolved the other curative agents mentioned.

The glucose in my formula serves as a curative agent in the sense of curing the state of hypoglycemia. As the quantity is larger than the one needed to isotonize the blood it also has a curative effect because, due to being hypertonic, when the blood becomes hypotonic as a result of the effect of the insulin, the quantity of the cristaloid of the blood increases in this way in such a manner that due to its high concentration it forces the other medicaments accompanying it in the same solution, into all the cells of the system. Thus, glucose in this sense serves two purposes, a chemical and a physical one.

It is to be noted that glucose of the blood is increased at the moment it is necessary to increase it, and not before, as otherwise a patient left with merely an injection of insulin might suffer serious consequences.

The compound prepared according to the formula of this invention, besides possessing its own beneficial properties may be used as an injection in the manner prescribed, that is to say after preparation of the patient, to dissolve the arsenical salts of the "Salvarsan" type, which is commonly used for treatment of syphilis. Further, the present composition, unlike the arsenical salts mentioned, can be used at any time without fear of its having undergone some decomposition that would render it dangerous as often happens with the "Salvarsan" type of treatment, the latter having to be used practically as soon as prepared to be absolutely safe. Also with the use of the solution of my invention in the system described, larger quantities of arsenical salts may be safely employed than would ordinarily be possible for the treatment of the patient. That is, instead of beginning with a dose of 0.15 gramme, there may be used to start 0.30 or 0.45 gramme.

It will thus be seen that I have provided a system for the beneficial treatment of syphilis and kindred diseases that respond to the same treatment, wherein the patient is first prepared for the reception of intravenous injection and then as a result of such preparation is injected with a solution of glucose and calcium chloride or calcium gluconate in a quantity that would ordinarily otherwise be fatal, but which in my system is exceedingly beneficial.

What I claim is:

1. As a vehicle for the intravenous administration of remedial agents of the arsenical type, a composition containing in a 30% aqueous glucose solution, calcium chloride in the ratio of one-sixth to one-third of the glucose present.

2. A medicinal composition for intravenous injection comprising 30 to 45 centigrammes of an arsenical useful in the treatment of syphilis in a vehicle comprising a 30% aqueous glucose solution containing calcium chloride in the ratio of one-sixth to one-third of the glucose present.


[Note: this document was scanned and transcribed by optical character recognition. Despite careful editing, errors may have occurred.]

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