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        In 1971, Dr. Perez Garcia 1 died, and there was once again just one IPT practitioner.  Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2 took over the practice at the family clinic in Mexico City.  He continued his research.  He did some original laboratory  work on IPT, written up in a research monograph, Biological, biochemical, and physico-chemical mechanisms of insulin which take part in Donatian therapy for the treatment of cancer.   And he continued to make his best efforts to communicate his successes with IPT to the world.  He traveled, and he wrote letters.  I have copies of correspondence he had with doctors, scientists, and pharmaceutical companies in numerous countries (US, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Poland, Russia).   Somehow the flame did not catch on in any big way.   But two seeds were planted that took root...

        In the 1970s, Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2 traveled to Canada, and as a result, he got the attention of two doctors, whose passion for IPT has burned for decades since.  One was Jean-Claude Paquette, MD, from Quebec.  Dr. Paquette went on to practice and advocate IPT, despite professional harassment, until his death in 1996.  (His book Medicine of Hope, is now available in full on this website, in the original French, and in English translation.)  The other was SGA, MD.  

AIDS patient with Donato 2 and Donato 3
AIDS patient with Dr. Perez Garcia 
y Bellon 2
and Dr. Perez Garcia 3

        In 1983, Dr. Perez Garcia 3 joined his father's medical practice in Mexico City.  Once again two Drs. Perez Garcia working together.

        Sometime in the mid 1980s, an IPT information disaster occurred.  Wanting to keep up with technology, the two doctors transferred all their old patient files to a personal computer, and got rid of most of the old paper records.  The computer crashed, and without a proper backup, all that treasury of information was lost. 

        In 1987, the two Drs. Donato treated three patients with AIDS, using IPT with antiviral drug Ribavirin.  They reported good results, including reversal of symptoms and return to health. 

First SANA meeting with Donatos.
First SANA meeting with Drs. Perez Garcia. 
Standing L-R: Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2, S.G.SGA.
Seated L-R: Dr. Perez Garcia 3, C.Duffield,
SANA Institute, Inc. logo
Medical Renaissance Foundation (MRF) logo

        Also in 1987, Dr. SGA called together a small group of people in San Antonio, Texas, to consider joining forces to help research and develop IPT, seeking its adoption by the medical profession in the US and the world.   Later that year, some of the members of that first group (SGA, MD; Melvin K. Silverman, attorney; and Chris Duffield, Ph.D.) formed SANA Institute, Inc., based at my home in Tucson, Arizona.  (I was involved in this project, and you can read about my personal experiences. )   Over the next few years, this group filed patents for IPT, and solicited investors and joint venture partners.  No luck. 

        It became clear that SANA faced a difficult business play, as patents for a medical technique (rather than a new drug or device) could not be enforced.  The group then joined with Drs. Perez Garcia 2 and 3 to form a nonprofit organization, Medical Renaissance Foundation, to seek to further knowledge and practice of IPT.
The group focused its attention on application of IPT to AIDS, and then to cancer, especially breast cancer. 

        The group saw the need for clinical trials in the US, or at least involving US patients.  It was hard to get more than just anecdotes from patients in Mexico because in that country, poor patients often cannot afford expensive tests, and are often lost to follow-up.  At one point, the group took out an expensive ad in the Los Angeles Times, offering free IPT treatments for breast cancer, for research purposes.   No takers.   More ads were placed in other southern California publications, with the same lack of results.

        Again, there was great difficulty attracting attention and money, this time from patients and donors.  After all losing a huge amount of personal funds, the group members broke up, and went their separate ways in the early 1990s.  SANA Medical Institute, Inc., which replaced SANA Institute, Inc., and which continued to lose money, was dissolved in late 1997.

        In November 1988, Dr. Perez Garcia 3 left Mexico City and moved his part of the family practice to Tijuana, Baja California, just across the US-Mexico border from the San Diego, California, area.  This turned out to be a successful move, bringing IPT closer to patients in the United States.

        In 1996, Dr. Perez Garcia 3 put up the first IPT website, just one page long.  As he emailed to me in 1997,  "Some people have seen my web page and they asked for more info. All are dying patients looking for the last chance so I have not taken any."  He explained that IPT works best for people who still have some inner health resources available, and those people were not finding his website.   

It started to become clear to him and to me that a more comprehensive website was needed, so doctors, scientists, and potential patients could get all the information they wanted.  We got excited one day, and I told him that I would be happy to create an IPT website.  I thought it would be fast, and that the site could be small.  But the site and the job grew as I realized the enormous amount of information that people would want access to.   On July 31, 1999, finally, I  launched IPTQ.com, now IPTQ.org.



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