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IPT History ] IPT Method ] How IPT works ] IPT Experience ]


Definition of IPT

IPT at a glance -- the most important points about IPT...

IPT History -- how IPT was discovered in 1926, demonstrated in the US many times, has been ignored but preserved and developed for 75 years, and now is undergoing a phenomenal scientific and clinical rebirth...

IPT Method -- how IPT is practiced, how it was different in the past and will probably change in the future.  Also pages about IPT safety and training, different styles of IPT, other non-diabetic uses of insulin, and an interesting diagnostic technique developed by Drs. Perez Garcia 1 and 2...

How IPT Works -- some theories of how IPT does what it's reported to do...

IPT Experience -- what it's like to have an IPT treatment, from the personal experience of the IPTQ webhost...



Definition of IPT:    IPT  (Insulin Potentiation Therapy) is a simple medical procedure that uses the hormone insulin, followed by glucose, to deliver drugs better, and to make them work more effectively, in smaller doses, with reduced or no side effects.        
Other  insulin-related mechanisms (such as detoxification, immune stimulation, and angiogenesis) may also be involved.


IPT at a glance:  

bulletIPT is a simple, safe, and inexpensive low-tech medical procedure, suitable for use by doctors worldwide.

bulletIPT is low tech medicine with high tech results. 

bulletIPT is a multi-purpose method which reportedly makes many standard drugs work better for treatment of many diseases.


Routine reported uses of IPT include successful treatment of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and other cancers without surgery, radiation, or side effects. 

bulletIPT appears to be a medical tool with many applications.  Besides cancer, it has also been used to successfully treat arthritis (relief from pain for five years or more after just two or three treatments), infectious diseases (herpes, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, and others),  cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological diseases, and other diseases.

bulletWidespread use of IPT is likely to happen first for cancer, because IPT would involve only minor modifications to current chemotherapy practice: no surgery or radiation, better results, and no side effects.

bulletInsulin's use in IPT could become even more important than its use for diabetes.  That is why I call it "The second discovery of insulin".


IPT appears to work, in part, as an efficient drug delivery system across cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier.  The page on How it works describes this and many other possible mechanisms at work in IPT.

bulletIPT uses approved drugs, so any doctor anywhere could ethically practice it, right now.  IPT is new "software" for standard medical "hardware".  An IPT Training program is now available for MDs.

bulletIPT is an "orphan procedure", meaning that IPT research and education is unlikely to be funded by pharmaceutical companies, so other sources of funding are needed.

bulletIPT could significantly lower healthcare costs and improve treatment results for patients, providers, and governments.  Especially promising for developing regions.

bulletGreatest potential benefits of IPT are for billions of patients—for lower cost, improved outcomes,  and better quality of life.  Potential actual value could be in the trillions of dollars.


IPT was discovered in 1926-28. Despite efforts to publicize IPT, it has never yet been widely known, researched, or practiced.  This may be because it does not fit into standard pharmaceutical business models.

bulletExcellent results with IPT have been reported by thirteen doctors for more than 135 doctor-years of experience during seven decades in five countries.  


The four pioneering IPT doctors have all reported unprecedented effectiveness and safety of the procedure.  Not one patient out of thousands has died due to complications from IPT, a record that other methods cannot match.


IPT is currently practiced and taught by 21 doctors in the US, three doctors in Mexico, chiefly Donato Perez Garcia MD (grandson of the discoverer), one doctor in Ecuador, and one doctor in Argentina.  More doctors  are becoming interested.

bulletThere is scientific plausibility for IPT claims, although what actually happens during IPT has not yet been thoroughly studied.

bulletSubstantial clinical trials and laboratory research are needed to conclusively show that IPT does work, and to understand how it works.  However, any doctor persuaded by anecdotes of its effectiveness and safety could ethically try IPT today, since it uses approved drugs in a controlled clinical setting, with just a slight modification of procedure.  Training is important.

bulletOfficials at the National Institutes of Health (NIH -- NCCAM & OAM) have expressed strong interest in IPT.  Three IPT doctors presented to the NIH a best cases report on IPT and cancer on September 18, 2000, and were encouraged to begin a prospective study.

bulletThe only thing alternative about IPT is that most doctors do not know about it yet.  IPT is well suited for adoption by mainstream medicine, since it uses standard drugs and supplies that doctors already have, and is found to make many drugs safer and more effective.

bulletIPT is not a new drug or device, so it does not fit into standard business models.  However, it could bring some large and new business opportunities to those who seek them.    

bulletIPT research and training is a great philanthropic opportunity for maximum benefit/minimum cost.  A few million dollars invested could literally result in trillions of dollars in value for society, a multiplier of a million or more.


With publicity, a rapidly growing constituency, and worldwide public demand, IPT can be verified and widely adopted very quickly.

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