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"Change only takes place through action."
                    -- the Dalai Lama December 8, 1999

"What we do in life echoes in eternity."
                    -- Gladiator, the film

        Some people have suggested that IPTQ.org should merely present facts about IPT.  But when we face the facts about IPT as we know them, it is only natural for us to feel that we need to know more, that we need to do more.  It is only natural for us to take a position of advocacy ---- for clinical and laboratory research on IPT, and for IPT to be made available as a safe and more effective treatment for patients.

        So, in this section of IPTQ.org website, we look at channels for action that people can take to help IPT make the transition from unknown to world standard.

"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win."
                          --Mahatma Ghandi

        So far, IPT has been at the ignore and laugh stage.  If IPT is real, then when it wins, we will all win.  Let us hope that a fight will not be necessary.  The main fight is within each individual when they first encounter IPT:  to set down the fears and misery of the past, and to become open to this new possibility.

This is a Call for Action on IPT.

There are mental and emotional hurdles to overcome.  Here are some of them, and how to leap over them.

IPT will be  tested, used, and funded if more patients know about it and demand it.

IPT will be universally available and part of the mainstream when more doctors practice it. 

To get IPT tested and into the medical mainstream, we need an innovative and adequate research program.

Let's invite Dr. Donato Perez Garcia to the US, where his unique value can be realized.

The Drs. Perez Garcia have for a long time deserved consideration for the Nobel Prize.

IPT could help the developing world in a big way.  NGOs take note.

IPT promises many new business opportunities.

Governments can help IPT testing and proliferation.  Grassroots politics could get things going.

IPT could be one of the greatest opportunities ever for philanthropy.

Our goal with IPTQ.org is to help facilitate progress in all these directions.

A proposal for an IPT research initiative at Stanford University.

IPT is basically unknown today, but has the potential to become the norm.  This transition could happen in four stages.

IPT:  Call for Action

"Change only takes place through action." 
                    -- the Dalai Lama 8 Dec 1999

     We can summarize this website in four words:   IPT could be big.  And it calls for big action by a lot of people.

A simple,
you can take
right here 
and now.

Email a friend
and tell them

        It is such a paradox.  Here is a potentially huge multifaceted medical and humanitarian opportunity.  And many of its individual facets are also potentially huge.   Each disease treated with IPT would be cause for global headlines and celebration if verified and implemented.  Billions of human beings could benefit.  Millions are desperate today for what IPT could offer.  Trillions of dollars of value could be realized through all the lives saved and improved.  And yet the manifestation of IPT to date is so small --- just  a handful of doctors, a few thousand patients, a few scientific papers, a few people who even know about it.

        Hence the mission for  IPTQ.org:  to take the IPT story to the world stage, and to call for action on the only scale that makes sense ---  big, universal, worldwide.  Thanks to the Internet, such a thing may be possible for one person to do.  But the next stage requires the interest and efforts of many people.  People like you.

        There is opportunity for participation here for everyone, from a billionaire philanthropist who wants to start an IPT research institution, to a doctor who wants to try IPT for his or her patients, to someone who wants to write a letter or e-mail to their government representative.  Just telling a few people about IPTQ.org is a big action in itself, when those few people tell a few more.  In fact, getting the IPT story out into the world in the biggest possible fashion is the most important step.  If enough people get interested in IPT, things will happen, and things will move.  So if you just tell your friends about IPTQ.org, that will be a big step.

        When I tell people about IPT, some "get it" and some don't.  And the ones who really get it ask "Why hasn't anything been done with this yet?"  Indeed, why not? 

        Through our individual contacts and many small efforts, IPT can become known, verified, and implemented around the world.

        My favorite model for what can happen for IPT is Open Source software.  The best example is the Linux operating system for personal computers.  Created, released, and initially maintained free by one individual, Linus Thorvaalds, this software system started small, among a few friends, and has spread exponentially across the world.  Through their own inspiration, people have added to it, modified it, distributed it, written new application software that uses it, had big meetings where they helped new users install it on their machines.   Now the software is still free, although numerous companies add their own brands and marketing and charge for distribution, support, and services.  As more people adopt Linux, public awareness of it is growing.  Now, with a large user base and a number of public companies, it has become a credible competitor to Microsoft's juggernaut Windows operating system.

IPT could fuel an even bigger storm of benefits and enterprises.

         Another model for how to handle this project is the case of Michael Rothschild and Bionomics.  In the 1970s and 1980s, a number of people  like me became aware of the wonderful similarities between human-controlled industrial systems and biological systems and ecosystems.   ( Read about my work on Technoecology in the 1970s. )  But Michael Rothschild is the one who did it right.  He started seeing the bio-techno analogy in the 1980s, and decided to take this awareness to the world, to make it part of the consciousness of economists and governments.  He wrote and published a brilliant 1990 book:  Bionomics, Economy as Ecosystem.  He made connections with people in government and academia and business.  With some friends he started The Bionomics Institute, complete with a website and a journal.  They put on five conferences, the last one in November, 1997.  And once their goal was achieved, and the bio-techno analogy was cropping up in the news and all over Washington, D.C., they quietly shut the project down...  Mission accomplished.   

If IPTQ.org does nothing more than help trigger a worldwide wave of interest in IPT, it should be considered to be a big success.


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