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        Dr. Paquette, in his book Medicine of Hope, emphasized that perhaps the most important function of IPT is the total detoxification of the body, whether the toxins were from poor elimination, poor diet, or from inhalation or ingestion of toxic substances (nicotine, alcohol, legal or illegal drugs).  

        Nicotine addiction.  He claimed that he had about 30 patients quit smoking after an IPT treatment (often their only treatment).  Apparently they felt too good, and decided not to go back.  Also, apparently, the craving for nicotine was reduced or eliminated.

        Drug and alcohol intoxication/addiction.  See the three cases reported by Dr. Paquette in his book.  Apparently IPT was able to detoxify and balance the body very rapidly, while avoiding any withdrawal symptoms or craving.  "Thank you Jean-Claude for giving me back my life."  I have verbal confirmation from the Drs. Perez Garcia that they have observed this effect in some of their patients, too.

        The mechanisms by which IPT could detoxify the body so quickly, and avoid withdrawal symptoms, are not yet known.  But this is a lead, an empirical clue, that researchers ought to follow up on.  If this phenomenon is real, then today's standard treatments look primitive in comparison.  Rapid detoxification with IPT, combined with effective counseling and therapy, could revolutionize treatment for addiction to alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs.



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