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Future Possibilities and Speculations about IPT
by Chris Duffield

Nonsurgical treatment of Appendicitis?

        Another major gastrointestinal problem that has been successfully treated by IPT, as reported by Dr. Perez Garcia 1, is something that I think has never been reported anywhere else in the medical literature:  the non-surgical treatment of appendicitis.  Apparently he was able to quickly control the infection and inflammation, thereby avoiding surgery and its long recovery time, and its attendant dangers of secondary infection and adhesions.  This reported use of IPT would be considered almost heresy or malpractice even in today's medicine, because doctors are trained to proceed to surgery without question.  However, Dr. Perez Garcia 1 included three clinical histories in his self-published 1953 book Terapia Celular (Cellular Therapy),  He also presented his appendicitis case studies, along with his ulcer cases, to the 9th National Assembly of Surgeons in Mexico City, November, 1950.

        Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon (2) had a protocol for appendicitis in his practice in 1975.

        I hesitated about including this application for IPT on this website because it would be so controversial and difficult for most doctors to believe.  However, I think it is important to include here, not only for the potential benefits of a simpler, gentler treatment for appendicitis, but also because of its implications for treatment of other conditions.  

        A great practical application for this non-surgical IPT treatment of appendicitis, if it is validated, would be the treatment of astronauts in space, and other people in remote locations.  Drug treatment using IPT might have lower risk, and allow for more rapid recovery, compared to surgery performed by inexperienced (or even experienced) personnel.

        In light of the reported successful non-surgical treatment of serious infections and associated inflammations in appendicitis and ulcers with pyloric stenosis, it strikes me that IPT with antibiotics might also  turn out to be an improved treatment for dirty, infected wounds in battlefield situations, at remote mines and oilfields, on expeditions, and in other places where surgery might not be readily accessible.  Similarly, it might be a good treatment for gangrene, frostbite, certain insect and snake bites, and other conditions with inflamed and necrotic tissues. 

        Using IPT for appendicitis would be controversial and should be approached with due caution.  Perhaps it could be tried first in volunteer patients, while surgeons stand by in case it does not work.



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