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Arthritis is one of the disease types that Dr. Perez Garcia 3 specializes in, because he has found that he can  treat it so successfully with IPT.  He told me that after as few as two IPT treatments, patients with either rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis experience miraculously fast relief from much or all of their pain, and a great increase in their mobility.  And these results are not short-lived.  They typically last five to seven years, after which a short course of IPT treatment will again provide long-term relief.

        So what is going on here?  How can symptoms of a chronic disease go away so suddenly and for such a long time?  As for other diseases that IPT works so well for, more research is needed.  But from the external facts, we can infer internal mechanisms.  Obviously inflammation is rapidly eliminated, along with the pain it causes.  But apparently there is also some sort of balancing or resetting of the immune system to turn off its autoimmune reactions for a long time.  And  I suspect that there is stimulation of fibroblasts and stem cells, to regenerate rebuild joints and connective tissues.

        Whatever the mechanisms, we are left with decades of anecdotes, in two countries,  telling us that somehow IPT works on arthritis, and it works almost magically well.  

        I am sure that there are many arthritis patients who, having suffered for years, would be happy for their doctors to get trained in IPT, and to try it on them.  The risk from gentle IPT treatments is apparently almost zero.  And the results should be obvious, often after the first IPT treatment, and certainly after two or three.  If there are no positive results, at least nothing is lost, and the patients can go back to their old regimen of daily medications.

        All we need is for a few more doctors to try IPT for arthritis, with training from experienced IPT doctors, and to report their results.   If the results of the pioneer IPT doctors are replicated, then we will have a wonderful new long-lasting treatment to offer to patients.  The kind of treatment we have always wanted.

Some reported cases of arthritis treated with IPT:

The 1992 patent presents two cases of arthritis:

One case of a woman with unspecified arthritis, with severe pain in all joints.  After 8 IPT treatments, she enjoyed complete relief from all symptoms for at least three years.

And one case of a woman with rheumatoid arthritis, of 24 years duration, who, after 4 IPT treatments, became symptom free for 6 years.  Mild symptoms returned, and after one IPT treatment, she became symptom free again for at least 4 more years.

The 1992 patent also presents a case of a girl with rheumatic fever from streptococcus infection.   After 5 IPT treatments, no more symptoms, and negative lab tests, with no recurrence.

Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon (2) had a protocol for treating XXXX in his practice in 1975

Dr. Paquette, in his book Medicine of Hope, has a large section on rheumatic diseases.  He presents 16 cases, including 10 of rheumatoid arthritis, two of osteoarthritis, three of polyarthritis, and one of osteomyelitis (bone infection).    In most cases, full relief was obtained after just one or two treatments.  There is even one case of traumatic arthritis, in which aseptic necrosis of the femoral head apparently regenerated with IPT.  Dr. Paquette found that most cases of arthritis were associated with liver problems, biliary dyskinesia, and chronic constipation, and worked to quickly detoxify the patients' bodies as part of the therapy.  He found that a healthy diet and lifestyle after treatment could help sustain the benefits.

[IPTQ Webhost Update 7/11/03:  A biliary dyskinesia patient has suggested that Dr. Paquette's ideas about this condition are incorrect or out of date.  She provided these links for more recent information: 1, 2, and 3.  It appears that Dr. Paquette was using this term to refer to a wider range of problems, "Bad elimination of bile", which IPT might be able to address.]


        7/20/00  Two days ago I became aware of antibiotic therapy for rheumatoid arthritis and other rheumatic diseases, including scleroderma, lupus, polymyositis, Reiter's syndrome, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and fibromyalgia.  See the excellent website of the Road Back Foundation for the protocol, theories, and articles.  This is another application of the new germ theory of disease.   Adding antibiotics to the IPT treatment of these diseases could rapidly kill the causative bacteria, even in parts of the body where it is difficult to deliver therapeutic doses of the drugs.  IPT also helps the body detoxify, and so it could perhaps help reduce or avoid Herxheimer reactions.  I predict that using IPT to deliver small doses of antibiotics will result in faster and longer-lasting (or even permanent) remission from these diseases.

        7/21/00 Dr. Perez Garcia 3 emailed me yesterday to inform me that he has actually used metronidazole (an antibiotic and antiparasitic drug) as part of his arthritis protocol, along with small doses of nonsteroidal antiinflammatories, since 1988.  With new information from the Road Back website he is now planning to use other antibiotics as well, along with IPT, to see if he gets even better and faster results.




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