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Summary:  Breast cancer treatment with IPT is far less traumatic, and may be more effective than standard treatment regimens.  It may allow many cases of breast cancer to be treated without surgery, radiation, or side effects.  What today is a devastating diagnosis, could become a less feared condition with simple non-traumatic but effective treatment.  More doctor experience is needed, as well as more research.

Interview with Donna McDermott, a survivor of advanced breast cancer with thanks to IPT.

Articles and case studies about treatment of breast cancer with IPT.

Donna McDermott
Donna McDermott, breast cancer survivor,
 in 2000

Breast tumor, Feb 3, 1989

Tumor is gone after IPT 
treatments, Jun 15, 1989,
as reported in European
Journal of Cancer

        Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women.  And it is also perhaps the most feared, not just because of the devastating effects of the disease, and the risk of death, but also because of the devastating side effects of the standard treatments, all of which threaten the woman's health and femininity.  

Standard treatment, traumatic.  A woman with a suspicious lump is often subjected to surgical biopsy, although fine needle biopsy may produce equally good results with better cosmetic results.  If a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer today, she is virtually forced to undergo surgical removal of at least a quarter of her breast (lumpectomy), if not the whole breast, often along with lymph nodes and other tissue.  Cosmetic surgery can help, but can never completely hide the effects of this surgery.  

        Then she is expected to undergo radiation and/or high-dose chemotherapy.  The side effects of this can include nausea and vomiting, hair loss (another blow to female beauty), and premature menopause and sterility (no possibility of pregnancy).  In advanced cases, she might be encouraged to undergo bone marrow transplantation, an extreme procedure in which the immune cells in the bone marrow are all killed by radiation or high-dose chemotherapy, and new cells from a donor are injected.  She is then put on strong antibiotics to try to prevent deadly infections until her immune system recovers.

        Standard treatment is so traumatic, and its results so uncertain, that many women who believe they have genetic predisposition to get breast cancer, actually have their breasts removed to reduce their risk.

IPT treatment, less traumatic, more effective?  Would it not be cause for rejoicing if a medical treatment for breast cancer were announced that promises good results without any surgery at all, without radiation, and without any significant side effects?  

        IPT may be just such a treatment.  The Drs. Donato Perez Garcia and SGA, M.D., have reported several cases of very good results from using IPT as a primary and only treatment.  They report no major side effects, and frequent complete remissions.   They report better results, as in standard treatments, when the cancer is caught and treated early, and when other treatments have not been applied first.  More advanced cases generally require more IPT treatment sessions to achieve good results.  

        The most remarkable observation, in cases treated with IPT, is that patients often report feeling better starting with the first IPT treatment, in stark contrast with the distressing ordeal that patients undergoing standard treatments usually endure.  IPT patients undergoing treatment usually look healthier as treatment progresses, not sicker.

In an email on 9/17/2001, Dr. Perez Garcia wrote:  "IPT works very well for stage 1 & 2 [breast cancer]. So far the cases treated by my grandfather, my father, and myself have had no recurrence.  Unfortunately we receive only a few cases of stage 1 or 2 that have no previous treatment (surgery, chemo or radiation).  About 95% of the cancer cases seen at our office since 1940 are failures from surgery/conventional chemo/ radiotherapy.  And in our experience, when the body has been disrupted, it does not react as it should.  I can also tell you that in cases where the cancer is a  recurrence (1st or 2nd), the only thing IPT can do for 96% of these cases is improve their quality of life and achieve a tumor reduction of about 30 to 40 %.  Of the remaining 4%, 2% of the patients have a complete remission that lasts for 5 to 9 years (even if they received chemo and radiation), and in the other 2% the cancer is stopped and a full remission achieved, that will last for the remainder of the patient's life."

Safe-Trial of IPT.  Dr. SGA, in a recent paper, suggests that doctors try a “Safe-Trial” treatment schedule in which a woman undergoes gentle IPT treatment first, for a few weeks, only going to more extreme standard treatments if IPT is not having the desired results.  This way, the woman would only lose a little time before beginning standard treatment, and would have a chance to benefit from less traumatic IPT treatment if it is going to work in her case.  

        If this “Safe-Trial” treatment schedule is validated, IPT could become the primary treatment of choice for early stage breast cancer.  This option is certainly available right now to doctors and patients willing to try it, as IPT would only be using approved drugs in a slightly modified chemotherapy regimen.  I predict that there will be a few early adopters of this method, and that their results, if they are similar to past experience, will get big publicity, that will galvanize popular demand and acceptance of the procedure.  Breast cancer would no longer have to be a woman's worst nightmare.

        A friend of mine, Donna McDermott, decided she would rather try IPT, instead of enduring the indignities of surgery, radiation, and normal-dose chemotherapy.  This choice was difficult for her to act on, as she had to ignore the advice and pleas of her US doctors, and she had to travel out of the country.  She had fairly advanced cancer, beginning to spread, and yet today she is in complete remission, without having to suffer the devastations (other than the surgical biopsy which she regrets having) that are today considered to be normal.  Read about Donna McDermott's experience in an IPTQ.com exclusive interview.

Scan of photo by Patrick Tehan, San Jose 
Mercury News, 1/26/00.  Will remove from 
IPTQ if requested by copyright holders.

        During January, 2000, in Santa Clara and Contra Costa counties of California, a controversial poster was put up on bus shelters before public reaction caused them to be removed.  The poster was a photo composite showing a female model, topless, with mastectomy scars instead of breasts and nipples.   

        Many people applauded the poster for its realistic portrayal, hoping that it would inspire women with such scars to feel pride in their battle, and that it would inspire more women to pay attention to breast health and to seek mammography examination.  Other people were appalled at the depiction of grotesque reality, and felt that it would push more women into denial and keep them from seeking examination and treatment until it is too late. 

        When IPT becomes known, tested, and widely available, this whole debate may become irrelevant.  Mastectomies and lumpectomies could become rare.  And women could be able to get gentle, effective, non-surgical treatment without side effects, if  tumors are ever detected.  The need for fear, panic, denial, and depression will be mostly gone, as breast cancer treatment becomes more benign and effective.

        Eliminating the terror and horror of breast cancer in women will have many beneficial effects in many realms of life and health.  As one example, consider hormone replacement therapy for women who are past menopause.  One of the reasons some women do not avail themselves of the potential benefits of this therapy is that they fear the increased risk of breast cancer even more than they fear the more certain risks that arise from hormone decline.  If breast cancer becomes less of a big deal, then more women can enjoy the benefits of hormone replacement, with less fear.


Case histories of breast cancer patients treated with IPT appear on IPTQ, in several articles, in Dr. Paquette's book, and in the 1990 patent:

bullet Interview with Donna McDermott, a survivor of advanced breast cancer with thanks to IPT.

bulletDonna McDermott's breast cancer case study, slightly edited.
bulletA case of Infiltrative ductal carcinoma, grade 2, submitted by Donato Perez Garcia 3, 2002.

bulletFour breast cancer cases appear on Dr. SGA's website.  Cases 1 and 4 appear in other articles.
bulletBreast preserving treatment for newly diagnosed breast cancer (SGA, M.D., unpublished article, April 1999[Summary by C Duffield, and URL to page on Dr. SGA's website]

bulletAn outlook on breast cancer management     (SGA, M.D., unpublished article, 1999[Summary by C Duffield]

bulletChronology of events in the scientific evaluation of IPT and the treatment of breast cancer  (SGA, M.D., unpublished article, 1999)  [URL to page on Dr. SGA's website]

bulletClinical Experience with the Practice of  Insulin Potentiation Therapy: Best Case Series by Donato Perez Garcia y Bellon, M.D.,  Donato Perez Garcia, Jr., M.D., and  SGA, M.D. Presented at Monitoring and Evaluation Approaches for Integrated Complementary and Alternative Medicine Cancer Practices,   Bethesda Hyatt Regency,  Bethesda, MD., USA.   August 4 - 6, 1997.)     Includes reports on four cases of breast cancer.

bulletCase of a woman with advanced breast adenocarcinoma, whose suffering was greatly relieved by IPT, treated by Dr. Jean-Claude Paquette, 1994.

bulletInsulin shows promise as BRM in breast cancer regimens.   (Oncology News, 1991, 17(4):1,7.)

bulletCase of infiltrating adenocarcinoma of the breast, in 1990 patent.  

bulletThe same case, in more detail, in Insulin and cancer chemotherapy (SGA, M.D., unpublished article, 1987.  [Summary by C Duffield]

bulletNeoadjuvant low-dose chemotherapy with insulin in breast carcinomas (SGA, Donato Perez Garcia y Bellon, Donato Perez Garcia Jr., 1990,  European Journal of Cancer 26(11-12):1262-3.)

bulletBreast carcinoma treated by a regimen of low-dose chemotherapy and insulin:  report of four cases and pharmacokinetic considerations  (SGA, Donato Perez Garcia y Bellon, Donato Perez Garcia Jr., poster abstract at 42nd Annual Symposium on Fundamental Cancer Research, Cellular and Molecular Targets of Cancer Therapy, M.D.Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, Houston, Texas, October 24-27, 1989)  

bulletSix breast cancer cases described in Cellular Cancer Therapy (Donato Perez Garcia 1 and Donato Perez Garcia y Bellon 2, 1978 (?), translated by Mike Dillinger),.  

1.  Bilateral mammary tumor [breast cancer]
2.  Metastasis of carcinoma of the left breast to the right [metastatic breast cancer]
3.  Metastasis to lymph nodes of right axilla of already removed carcinoma of the breast
4.  Malignant tumor of the right breast
5.  Osteal metastases from mammary carcinoma
6.  Breast carcinoma

bulletDr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2 had a protocol for treating benign tumors and cysts of the breast.

Excerpts from emails by Dr. Perez Garcia 3 on November 14, 2001:

"For your new patient with  breast cancer [freshly discovered, multifocal, with mets to local lymphatics] she can have IPT weekly, expecting on the first application to experience reduction in breast swelling and probably softening of the mass. After the 10th IPT you and she can expect to see a tumor reduction of about 40%. Some patients after the 6th treatment show tumor reduction demonstrated on the ultrasound or CAT scan."

"[about reported spectacular results...] Yes it is true ... for "virgin" cancer patients using IPT as first line therapy, specifically for stages 1 & 2.  Also  for some stage 3 and stage 4 there are a few impressive responding patients with good results. 

"I have only treated two patients similar to the condition you described to me.  [multicentric infiltrating ductal carcinoma right breast with 2 right axillary lymph node metastases out of 10 lymph nodes.  Immunohistochemistry findings: estrogen receptor uniformly positive, progesterone receptor uniformly positive. (uniformly = >75%).  No chemotherapy or radiation treatments to date.  Several nutritional IV's and hyperbaric oxygen treatments.]  

"One patient was in 1985 while I was working with my father and today I was informed she died 2 years ago, not of cancer, and her age was 78, so she survived disease free for 16 years. The other patient I treated in 1989 lived 8 years disease free. The first case was a stage 3 infiltrating ductal adenocarcinoma and the later was a stage 4 infiltrating ductal adenocarcinoma in a 59 year women.  

"Each patient is individual.  IPT is not a recipe that the doctor follows the same for each patient.   I do not know what the prognosis would be with your case.  I know that there are no side effects (when IPT is done by a qualified physician) like hair loss or nausea. 

"Recently I have started to treat breast cancer in just patients diagnosed stage 1 & 2 with tumor size ranging from 2cm up to 8cm.  I am currently treating 4 virgin cases and the result as of yesterday is close to 70% tumor shrinkage, both breasts in their original place, minimal scar from the needle biopsy, skin and hair in good condition, patients still eating, walking, doing their regular life, and improving. My experience in the past was with stage 4 and some stage 3 cancer patients who had undergone every type of treatment for cancer . In all of them quality of life improvement was improved, like less pain, up to 30% tumor shrinkage, more energy, increased appetite."


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