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An outlook on breast cancer management

unpublished article by SGA, M.D.   1999

[ Summary by Chris Duffield.  The original article may be available directly from Dr. SGA. ]

        Standard therapy for breast cancer currently provides good survival rates, especially if  diagnosed at an early stage.  An ideal  kind of treatment would provide not only good survival but improved quality of life, through preservation of breasts and reproductive ability, and through avoiding side effects of treatment.  Steps in that direction include lumpectomy (vs. mastectomy), and the surgery-free chemotherapy and radiation only therapy of Jacquillat in France.  Insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), using insulin to potentiate small doses of chemotherapy drugs,  is even closer to the ideal, avoiding all surgery and radiation, as well as most toxic side effects.   

        IPT offers to fulfill the desires of women, their families, and their doctors.  The methods of the present and the past can be appreciated for the benefits they have brought, but this does not need to keep us from progressing to the next step on the evolutionary ladder.   Medical doctors and scientists with heart can confront the changes that this will entail.

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