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IPT = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

        Every human being gets sick, sooner or later.  So medicine and health care is one of the biggest and most universal human enterprises.  If IPT proves to be what it seems, it will have huge implications in many facets of world business.  IPT is a disruptive technology, but it is a good disruption, for the benefit of all humanity.

        Michael Milken, in a recent talk in San Francisco, cited economists who calculate that the value of eliminating AIDS would be $7 trillion, and the value of eliminating cancer would be $46 trillion.  (And those are just two disease categories out of many.)  IPT as it stands would not do either of those things, but it could make significant progress in both these directions, and many more.  That is a very big pie.  Needless to say, wealth of that magnitude would not just go into a few pockets.  The bulk of that value would accrue democratically to each and every human being on Earth in our individual lives.

        In case you want to patent IPT and get royalties from it, it is too late.  Someone has already tried it.  In fact,  I was actually part of that group.  We got some patents, but we failed as a business, not just because of our inexperience with such an ambitious project, but finally because we found no good mechanism for enforcing royalties for a medical procedure.  If there were such a mechanism, or if IPT were a new drug or a new device, I might be uploading this page from a private jet, flying to visit the far-flung palaces of my dear doctor friends.  As I tell people now, 
some things are meant to be given away for free, and the IPT technique is one of them.

        But there are still lots of ways that IPT will make money and save money.  Here are some of them:

bulletIPT treatment.   Although the technique is free, doctors and clinics can still charge for their services.  As IPT catches on, there will most likely be huge and growing demand for IPT treatments.   There is lots of room for new clinic formation, branding, reputation building, and support services.  
bulletTraining and certification.    Doctors will need to learn how to practice IPT.  And there will be a need for IPT practitioners to prove their qualifications.   At this moment there are really only two people with experience teaching IPT.  This is a growth industry.  IPT training strategies.
bulletIPT Research.  All the researchers and their assistants will get salaries, and their institutions will get administration funds, and their suppliers and support services will get paid, too.
bulletSpeaking Tours, Books and Movies.  The IPT story, past, present, and future, is and will be an important one.  Like the Apollo moon program, people will want to hear about it again and again.  The pioneering IPT doctors will be in particular demand.
bulletPharmaceutical companies.   True, in the short run some may not like the fact that IPT reduces the necessary dose of some drugs by a factor of 2 to 20.   Ouch!   This could be a big disruption.  But it would be brutishly short-sighted for them to try to discourage IPT research and implementation.  First, in the long run it will be better for pharmaceutical employees and stockholders and their families to live in a world where people around the globe are healthier and happier.  And second, IPT could bring them huge windfall profits from new financial opportunities, such as these:  

The market for insulin will expand dramatically.  Remember, this is "the second discovery of insulin".  The first discovery of insulin brought health to diabetics and made billions for Lilly. 

They can develop new drugs optimized to work with IPT.

They may find that otherwise toxic and discarded drugs will work very well with IPT.

They may find that normal, boring drugs can become super-drugs with IPT.

They could perhaps add new life to patents for older drugs by packaging them for IPT.

They may develop insulin that is even faster-acting than Humalog (tm).

They can package their drugs with insulin and glucose in IPT-ready kits.  

They may find that by packaging drugs in smaller IPT doses, they can actually increase their profit margins per dose, at least in the US.

They may find that drugs in these smaller and more profitable IPT doses become affordable to larger populations worldwide, including people in the developing countries, creating a much larger market. 

By doing basic research to discover the underlying mechanisms of IPT, they may come up with whole new product categories.

And finally, it will simply be good public relations for them to embrace this wonderful medical innovation.

bulletBiotech Companies.   They may develop new IPT-enhancing products and processes to license to pharmaceutical companies.  They may come up with new test methods for supporting and evaluating IPT treatments, which they can license to medical device companies.   A lot of gene chips and other analysis tools will be needed for IPT research.  How does the profile of gene expression change during and after IPT?  This could help identify new drug development targets.
bulletMedical Device Companies.    If IPT is implemented as it is, there will be a surge in the market for intravenous equipment and supplies of all types.   Enterprising companies may develop new lines of products that support, organize, enhance, and automate the IPT protocol.  Blood glucose monitors.  Automated intravenous drug dispensers.  And things we haven't thought of yet.  Perhaps the Oncodiagnosticator, invented by Drs. Perez Garcia 2,  if proven to work, will spawn a new generation of diagnostic devices.
bulletProviders -- Insurance Companies and HMOs.   If IPT works as claimed, it will reduce costs of medical care, and will save these companies a lot of money.  We are talking billions of dollars.  Profits can increase.  Charges to customers can decrease.  The pie won't be as pinched.  Doctors will be happier to get better results in less time with lower costs.  Plus, as a considerable side effect, patients will be healthier and happier, the whole point of the system in the first place.
bulletLong-term and Elder Care Facilities.    As with insurance companies and HMOs, these organizations will be more profitable and successful if they can offer their residents better care that costs less and works faster.   
bulletGovernments.   Although they are not officially businesses, if IPT tests out, these large organizations can nevertheless offer more and better health care to the people they serve, their employees and their citizens, and they can save huge amounts of money in the process.
bulletLarge Corporations.    Similarly, they could offer their employees better health care benefits at less cost.
bulletTobacco companies.   If IPT proves to be a faster, cheaper, more effective treatment for tobacco-related lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and various cancers, the liability of tobacco companies could decrease significantly.  This might warrant some large grants to support IPT research.

In conclusion, a lot of big players on the global scene should see that, in the big picture, in the long-term picture, it is within their financial and ethical interests to support IPT research and implementation.

IPT = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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