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Medicine of Hope
Médecine de l'Espoir
Cellular Therapy
Terapia Celular





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Cellular Therapy     
(Terapia Celular)
Read the original Spanish

        by Donato Perez Garcia 
  [1], 1953

Self published book.  Approximately 260 pages. 

English Translation by Aimé Ricci.


Table of Contents


Origins of this therapy

Chapter 1    Syphilis

Brief History
Manifestations of syphilis.

Primary stage: Chancre
Secondary stage
Tertiary stage
Progressive General Paralysis
Neurological symptoms

Pathologic anatomy
Some humoral disorders in syphilis
Treatment of the various forms of syphilis
Method of application of Cellular Therapy
Considerations about antisyphilitic therapy

Antibiotics in syphilis
Formulas for syphilis with Cellular Therapy
Neurosyphilis — Nine clinical cases
Neurosyphilis — Clinical case treated with penicillin
Patients of Austin State Hospital -- Eight clinical cases

Chapter 2    Heine-Medin Disease, Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis, Infantile Paralysis

Etiology and Pathogeny

Forms of contagion
Prevailing Causes

Pathologic Anatomy

Incubation Phase
Invasion or Preparalytic Phase
Paralysis Phase
Regression Phase and limitation of the paralysis, or Therapeutic Phase
Residual Phase or definitive paralyses of Claude

Clinical forms

Abortive form
Meningeal forms
Spinal or poliomyelitic form
Bulbo-pontine form
Progressive or ascending form
Encephalitic form
Ataxic form
Painful form

Orthopedic Phase of Deformities
Classical Treatment of Infantile Paralysis during the acute phase
Nine clinical histories

Chapter 3    Peptic Ulcer

Three clinical histories
      Treatment with Cellular Therapy.

Trivalent arsenic, ascorbic acid, estrone, testosterone, hydrolyzed proteins, and the amino acids tryptophan and histidine, in the treatment of the ulcer

Pyloric stenosis cured without surgical intervention

Five clinical histories

Chapter 4    Appendicitis

Physiology of the appendix
Medical treatment of appendicitis
Consequences of appendectomy
Three clinical cases without surgery

Chapter 5    Cellular Therapy

Antecedents of insulin
Bio-physico-chemical aspects of insulin
Conventional action of insulin
Changes in blood due to insulin
Insulin in diabetes
Action of insulin on non-glucid components of protoplasm
Transformation of one nutrient into another

Enzymes and yeasts
Action of insulin on protids
The lipotropic hormone of the pancreas

How the energetic functions of glucose take place
Flexible role of glucose

Measurement of glucose in the blood
Measurement method
Determination of glucose — Method of Folin-Wu
Normal glycemia

Elements of cellular physiology
Fundamental notions of acidity and alkalinity in biology
Role of hormones

The pituitary gland (hypophysis) in blood glucose regulation
The hypophysis in the metabolism of glucids, lipids, protids, and water
The anterior lobe of the hypophysis in the metabolism of lipids
Suprarenal capsules in blood glucose regulation
The thyroid gland in blood glucose regulation
Relationships between the sexual glands and blood glucose regulation
The parathyroid glands in blood glucose regulation

Acute hypoglycemia: The Therapeutic Moment
Dosage of insulin
Physico-chemical phenomena
Return to the physiological state by the curative action of medications and glucose
Modifications of the appearance of hypoglycemia according to the variations of each individual
Technique of application for children
Some abnormal responses to this therapeutic technique in children
Brief pharmacodynamic study
First Formula
Second Formula
Measurements of blood glycemia (before and during hypoglycemia)
Measurements of blood pH


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