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"The Medicine of Dreams"

TM  IPT = Insulin Potentiation Therapy
The Drs. Donato Perez --- three medical pioneers , representing more than 100 years of IPT experience:  

Donato 3

Donato 2

Donato 1

Donato Perez Garcia, MD [3]

(1958 --    )

IPT doctor # 4

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web page

Donato Perez Garcia y 
Bellón,  MD 


IPT doctor # 2

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Donato Perez Garcia, MD [1]

Discovered IPT

IPT doctor # 1

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IPT Today
In Memorium

The three IPT doctors who are now deceased:

Donato 1 Donato Perez Garcia, MD, Brig. General [1]  (1896-1971)    IPT doctor # 1.
Discoverer and developer of IPT.  Practiced IPT 1928-1971 (43 years of IPT practice) in Mexico City.  Demonstrated and patented IPT in the United States.  Successfully treated many serious diseases using IPT: cancer, infections, other chronic diseases.
October 22, 1896 in Mexico City.  Died December 12, 1971.

More information -- web page

Donato 2 Donato Perez Garcia y Bellón   MD  --  "Donato_2"   (1930-2000) IPT doctor # 2.  

44 years of IPT practice.  More experience with IPT than any doctor in history. He practiced IPT from 1956   to 2000 in Mexico City, and contributed to IPT education and research.  He treated a wide range of cancers, infectious diseases, arthritis, and many other conditions.  He was fluent in Spanish, English, and French.  Son of Dr. Perez Garcia 1, discoverer of IPT; father of Dr. Perez Garcia 3.  Born November 18, 1930 in Mexico City. Died November 23, 2000.

More information -- web page

Jean-Claude Paquette, MD  (1927-1995)
IPT doctor # 3.  Met Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2 and learned IPT from him in 1976.  Practiced IPT in Ferme-Neuve, Quebec, Canada, and in Haiti, until his death in 1995 (19 years of IPT practice).  Successfully treated a wide variety of diseases using IPT.  Wrote a book, Medicine of Hope, translated from French by Aime Ricci and published in English for the first time here on IPTQ.org. The original book in French,  Médecine de l'Espoir, is also published here.  Born in 1927.  Died 7/30/1995.

More information -- web page


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