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Clinical Experience
CA Protocol '98



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Clinical Experience with the Practice of  Insulin Potentiation Therapy: Best Case Series  (51k file)   by Donato Perez Garcia y Bellon, M.D.,  Donato Perez Garcia, Jr., M.D., and  SGA, M.D.  August 4 - 6, 1997, prepared for the National Institutes of Health, Office of Alternative Medicine (now National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine)..


Insulin Potentiation -- Practical Considerations:  General Treatment Plan  [by SGA, M.D., 2000] On Dr. SGA's website.

Description of the IPT Protocol [2000]  On Dr. SGA's website.

Informed Consent Document [2000] Available from Dr. SGA.

IPT Breast, Ovarian, and Lung Cancer Protocol of November, 1998   [by SGA, M.D.]  [summary of the Abstract by C. Duffield]

Historical documents

1939 Certification by the Mexican government that treatment of neurosyphilis with PT is deserving of comprehensive scientific investigation.  Dr. Alberto P. Leon, Secretary General, Department of Health.

1940 Certification by the Mexican government of the effectiveness of IPT .   Juan Felipe Rico Islas,  Brigadier General of the National Army and Head of the Technical Section.  

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