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Biographical Sketch of Chris Duffield

        Chris Duffield, Ph.D., the creator and webhost of IPTQ.org, is a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Latin American Studies at Stanford University, and has been at Stanford since 1998.

        He has been involved with insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) research and liaison since 1987, serving as a co-founder, corporate officer, and board member of IPT-focused (and now closed) SANA Institute, Inc. and Medical Renaissance Foundation, and helping write the IPT patents, during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

        In a highly multidisciplinary academic career, Chris Duffield has studied and made contributions in several fields, including geology, "technoecology" (a term he invented), optics and electronics,  business, and neuroscience.  An inventor and a science, technology, and product design consultant, he patented and licensed a medical image size measuring device.  And  miniature electrodes fabricated by a method he discovered are used in several leading-edge neuroscience labs; some of them even went up on NASA's space shuttle.  Besides IPT, he is also interested in the functions of "virtual information" both in the natural world and in future information technologies.

        Duffield was born in Tucson, Arizona, where he has a long family history.  (His great-grandfather Selim Franklin helped found the University of Arizona in 1885.)  An Amherst College graduate (geology), he did his doctoral work at the University of Arizona (solar energy technoecology in arid lands), where he continued to do postdoctoral work in diverse fields.  He entered the world of Silicon Valley, with its unmatched financial, intellectual, and technological resources, in 1996.

        Unmarried, he leads a relatively simple life focused around big projects.  In his spare time he enjoys the beach, running in the Stanford foothills, the arts, meditation, seminar surfing all over campus, organic vegetarian food at Synergy House when Stanford is in session, and flying off to see solar eclipses.

Curriculum vitae

Chris Duffield home page    http://iptq.com/cd/

For more information contact:

Chris Duffield
PO Box 19652
Stanford CA 95309-9652
Email:  CDIPTQ@IPTQ.com


Chris Duffield

Chris Duffield, PhD
sci & tech consultant

Chris Duffield in his office, 1998-1999


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