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Finding an IPT doctor: Complete Listing.

     If you are already convinced that IPT is what you want, or if you just want to get your IPT information from a doctor, go to our complete IPT doctors listing.  There you can search IPT doctors by state or country, years of experience, or the doctor's last name.       IPT only exists through the doctors who practice it.  Things to consider in choosing a doctor include:

Location -- you may want or need to see a doctor close to home.  If the doctor you want to see is far from where you live, and your budget is limited, you may want to fly for free by Angel Flight.

Experience -- many IPT doctors have only recently learned IPT, but have practiced other forms of medicine for many years.

Other therapies --  Most IPT doctors also practice other therapies that may be helpful for your condition.  Many practice holistic and oxidative therapies, nutrition, acupuncture, etc.  Only Dr. Perez Garcia, the most experienced IPT practitioner, and grandson of IPT's discoverer, is the sole IPT-only specialist.

Personality & reputation --  We can't help you with these.  The doctor-patient relationship is a personal and private one.  You need to find a doctor who you feel comfortable with, and who can meet your treatment needs.   Listing of doctors on IPTQ.com just means that they have IPT training, and have maintained good ethics, to our knowledge.  We do not know them all personally, but have been generally impressed by the ones we have met.  Simply by learning IPT, they have shown that they are innovative and willing to try and adopt new things that could help patients, long before other doctors catch on.



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