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Herpes and IPT.

        One of the most remarkable successes of IPT is in the treatment of herpes infections of all types.  IPT is apparently very effective at clearing symptoms of acute herpes infection.   And of even more interest,  it also appears to be able to completely clear the body of persistent chronic herpes infections.  It probably does this by delivering an effective concentration of antiviral drugs into normally inaccessible tissues and compartments of the body (mainly the central nervous system (CNS)) in which the viruses can hide, and from which they can re-emerge.  

        This is just another application of Dr. Perez Garcia 1's discovery in the late 1920s that IPT could deliver medications better into the brain and spinal cord, and clear persistent syphilis from the CNS.  An effective treatment of genital herpes would be a great blessing -- 60 million in the US are estimated to have it.  And certainly there are many millions more in the world.

        Here is a case of herpes zoster ( shingles ) as a secondary infection in AIDS, treated by Drs. Perez Garcia 2 and 3, and summarized in the 1990 patent.

        Here is a case of herpes simplex infection in the 1992 patent.  The patient had recurrences every 4-6 months for three years.  After 4 IPT treatments he had 2 years symptom free.  After 3 more IPT treatments, he was symptom free for at least 8 more years. 


        IPT may be a fast and effective treatment for herpes infections.  But here is a different treatment protocol that would be unmatched in its simplicity and low cost -- "auto-hemotherapy" ["autohemotherapy], as described by Jean-Claude Paquette MD in his book Medicine of Hope.  Here is the discovery and the protocol, in his own (translated) words:

"A lady about thirty had been consulting me for the last 12 years for labial herpes. Three dermatologists and an allergist had not found any solutions for her problem.

"Eager to help this patient, I pondered about it for a long time when the idea came to me that her blood contained antigens against which it was necessary to find a way to act. By injecting antigens, the system would probably produce antibodies.

"I remembered having heard about hemotherapy, which consists in treating someone with his own blood, but I was completely unfamiliar with the technique. I then began with 1cc, then 2, then 4 cc, and I finally adopted the dose of 10 cc in my practice with spectacular results. I was drawing 10 cc of blood from a vein in the arm and injecting it back intra-muscularly in the gluteus muscle (buttocks), nothing else. The lesions dried out within 2 or 3 days and the pain disappeared usually the very same day. I have treated over a hundred cases."

        I do not know anything about this unorthodox procedure.  This website is about IPT, but Dr. Paquette was an early IPT practitioner,  we are publishing his book here for the first time in English, and this was his treatment of choice for this type of herpes.  Dr. Paquette concluded:

"Occasionally, I meet former patients that I treated twenty or more years ago. They are very proud to tell me that they never had any recurrences.

"This is how discoveries are made. I do not have enough experience on a sufficient number of genital herpes cases to affirm whether or not auto-hemotherapy (autohemotherapy) is effective, but I have the feeling it will."

        It seems to me that perhaps a clinical trial of this technique is warranted.  It would be very well suited for use in developed and developing regions alike, since the only supplies needed are a syringe and a needle.  Any doctor could try this technique right now, since it does not involve any medications at all.  Does it work?  Let's find out.



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