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IPT Millennium



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      IPT history in brief
  Prologue   ---    a reflection on the twists of history...
    Origins    ---   discovery and development of IPT in Mexico...
    1950s-60s    ---   further development in Mexico, and Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2 joins the practice...
    1970s-80s-90s    ---   Dr. Perez Garcia 3 joins, and frustrated attempts by a small crew to take IPT global...
    IPTQ millennium    ---   here we are!  Global at last...
    and, if you really want to know,   My Story    ---   how I got involved in this strange adventure one night in Miami Beach...

IPT History In Brief 

  1. Dr. Perez Garcia 1

    IPT was discovered in 1926-28 by Donato Perez Garcia, M.D. (Dr. Perez Garcia 1), and developed by him in Mexico City during the 1930s and 1940s.
  2. His son Donato Perez Garcia y Bellón, M.D. 2 joined him in his practice in 1956.
  3. Both doctors demonstrated astounding successes in their private practice, and stirred interest among a few other medical people.  But despite their persistent efforts, they somehow failed to effectively communicate their successes to the world. 
  4. Dr. Perez Garcia 1 died in 1971. 
  5. Donato Perez Garcia, M.D. 3 joined the family clinic in 1983, and moved his own practice to the Tijuana/San Diego area in 1989.  Carrying on the long family tradition, he continues to expand the applications of IPT.
  6. SGA, M.D., a Canadian doctor now practicing in Chicago area, met Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2 in 1975, and has worked continuously since to tell people about IPT and to seek a scientific understanding of how IPT works.   He is carrying out pilot studies applying IPT to the treatment of cancer.
  7. Jean-Claude Paquette, M.D., a Canadian doctor in Quebec, met Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2 in 1976, and practiced IPT with great success, despite persecution by his peers.  He died in 1995.  We have published his book on IPTQ in both French (the original) and English.
  8. In 1987 Dr. SGA gathered two people, including me, to help him develop the IPT opportunity in a more organized, businesslike fashion.  Our years of frustrating  efforts ended around 1991.  Each individual has carried on his own IPT efforts independently since that time.
  9. In 1999/2000 I have put IPTQ.com on the Internet.  First online on July 31, 1999.
  10. Dr. SGA and Drs. Perez Garcia 2 and 3 were invited to present their best cancer cases to the NIH in September, 2000.
  11. Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2 died on November 23, 2000.
  12. On February 21-22, 2001, the first IPT training seminar was held, bringing total of IPT doctors to 29 plus one veterinarian.


        History is strange.  We, each of us, come here to this planet for an instant in time, hear other people's stories, do what we are going to do, tell our story to other people, and then disappear.  Seen in large scale, in fast motion, history is a chaotic dream, a swirling of smoke, a slithering of mold across an orange, a sparkling of ocean chop.  Our lives, even if they are filled with greatness, even if they are filled with moments of clarity and delight, send out waves that, except in rare cases, are lost in the tumult of centuries.  In one or two generations, all direct memory is gone.  

        And within such a life, that most important of events, the contact and communication between two human beings, is but a brief flutter, a moment, an evanescent tableau in the torrent of reality.  Will that moment be remembered?  Will the importance of what was accomplished and communicated be recognized and acted upon?  Will an accumulation of such moments start a new trend, a new vortex whorl, a wavelet that might propagate across an ocean, amplified by gentle and stormy winds, growing until it is a huge sun-stippled swell crashing on a distant shore?

        Picture this:  What if a part of 21st century medicine were discovered early in the 20th century, more precisely, in 1928?   And not at the Mayo Clinic or the Pasteur Institute or Harvard or Stanford, but in, of all places, the proud chaos of Mexico City?  And what if the doctor who discovered it was himself astonished to find that it worked on many different diseases, a medical cornucopia, almost miraculously?  And what if he tried for his whole life to tell people of the world about it, and a few listened, but not enough, and they forgot and moved on, and he died essentially unknown?  

        And what if through a slender improbable thread of humanity, he passed this gift on to his son and then his grandson, who found, day by day, that this method worked for them, too?   And what if they, too, would not be heard by a world that so badly wanted what they had to offer, but could not stop to listen and investigate?  What if a Canadian doctor found these men, and gathered up two people in the United States to try for years to communicate the possibilities and catalyze research to validate this gift, and all their efforts seemed to be in vain, unheard amidst the chaotic din of the 1980s and 1990s? And what if one person from that group finally made a website, called it IPTQ, and you clicked on it, and you found this page?  

        In the flow of history, what did you do?   What did you do?    


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