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        IPT appears to have major effects on the immune system, which could be responsible for much of its wide-ranging reported success.  There are three aspects of immunity that IPT appears to specifically address:

1. Stimulates immune function.  A quick Medline search shows that insulin (along with IGF-1, with which it cross-reacts) stimulates production and activity of various types of immune cells, including macrophages.  This would be useful in treating a wide range of cancers and infectious diseases.

2. Reduces autoimmune reactions.  This is best seen in the reported rapid relief in many cases of arthritis, and in anecdotes of treatment of lupus.  However, it may also find application for other known or suspected autoimmune diseases, like lupus, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, Addison's disease, fibromyalgia, Type 1 diabetes, and many more.

3. Reduces or eliminates inappropriate respiratory, skin, and other allergies.

4. Treats systemic and hidden chronic infections that may underlie various immune diseases.  See the infections page for more information.  Positive results have been reported recently for treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia.  Articles 1 2 3.

        Understanding the role of IPT in stimulating and balancing the immune system is a whole research project in itself.  I know that this work will be done, and I hope it will be soon. 

Here are suggestions from the 1992 patent for medications to use with IPT for helping the immune system:

"IPT, it should be noted, has been used successfully in various treatments for the stimulation of the auto immune system. At a first level, the above described use of IPT in detoxification of patients will, inherently, function to strengthen the immunologic system. Accordingly, many of the above treatments may be used in tandem with IPT cancer directed treatments, below described, and in our U.S. Pat. No. 4,971,951, to both stimulate the immune system and destroy cancer cells.

"We have found that the action of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) can be potentiated, to the benefit of the immune system, when used with IPT.

"Further, the use of gamma globulin, at 165 mg has been found to be most useful, in combination with IPT, in stimulating immune system responses. Therefore, such immune system applications of IPT are of value across a wide range of diseases including. as above noted, cancer and, as well, other immunologic disorders including notably AIDS."


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