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Insulin Potentiation Therapy
( IPT )

Cancer chemotherapy
-- without major side effects.

Gentle cancer treatment
-- without trauma.

Infectious disease treatment:  faster and more effective.  
Could fight drug resistance.

Available to patients today, with no need to wait years for government (FDA) approval.

More than 70 years of  successful use.   

With IPT, regular drugs act like "super" drugs, for treatment of many different diseases.

These are observations that some IPT doctors have reported for many years.

Supported by scientific papers, and reports from many doctors.  However, despite more than 140 years of cumulative reported IPT success, and billions of dollars spent on other medical research, no clinical or laboratory research on IPT has been done or funded... yet.

IPT deserves laboratory studies and clinical trials.

"The second discovery of insulin."

IPT is insulin potentiation therapy, a non-diabetic use of the hormone insulin to dramatically improve effectiveness and delivery of standard medications.  
IPT has an outstanding 135 doctor-year track record (115 years for cancer) over 72 years, and is ready for clinical trials and widespread use.

Donato Perez Garcia MD and IPT patientCancer treatment with IPT is reported to be gentler, safer, more effective, and less expensive, with no surgery, no radiation, and usually no side effects. 

Breakthrough results have also been reported for arthritis, as well as for infectious, respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, and other diseases.

This slight modification of standard medicine could help many medications act like super drugs, with better results for many millions of patients.  The US National Institutes of Health has expressed interest in clinical trials of IPT for cancer, but has so far provided no funding. 

Donato Perez Garcia MD (1896-1971), discoverer of IPTIPT is 21st century medicine. Donato Perez Garcia y Bellon MD (1930-2000) Discovered in 1926 by Donato Perez Garcia MD, fostered by his son and grandson, with 140+ doctor-years of experience over 72 years, yet still unknown by the world, IPT is just starting a scientific and clinical rebirth.

    IPT Insulin Potentiation Therapy
Q Quest, Questions, Quality, Cue, and Queue. 

"The second discovery of insulin"

IPTQ lifeboat logo, with IPT on side, and Q-shaped life ring


First IPT clinical trial data published December 4, 2003.  IPT significantly improved outcomes for advanced breast cancer patients. 

Chinese lab data  published Feb. 2003 show that insulin significantly increases tumor cell killing effect of three chemotherapy drugs on esophageal and lung cancer cell lines.

IPT doctors are now listed on

IPT Training Workshops for Doctors.  Information on  or  email for info

Historic 1976 IPT paper now available on (10/19/03)

"Treating Cancer with IPT"
 IPT book, by Ross (MD) and Marion Hauser (MS, RD), is now available.  

Dr. Perez Garcia, Dr. SGA, and IPTQ webhost C. Duffield received 
The Caring Pioneer Award
at the gala release event in Chicago.

Historic Polio movie shows IPT successes in the 1950s.

Case study of Laurie Shaw, survivor of breast cancer with metastases.  "...cancer free, healthy, strong, and whole."

Cellular Therapy, a historical book by Donato Perez Garcia (1), in a new English translation by Aime Ricci, is now available publicly for the first time, on

IPT training:  Dr. Perez Garcia watches Dr. HauserIPT training for physicians is available now, in a workshop in the US, or privately in the clinics of Dr. Perez Garcia or Dr. SGA.  

IPT is available now from 
almost 80 doctors worldwide,  

in 8 countries: the US,  Canada, Mexico,  Argentina, Brazil, France, Switzerland, Venezuelaand  Ecuador.  Also one veterinarian in Arizona.  

Anthrax and bioterrorism -- Could IPT be a better and faster treatment for serious bacterial and viral infections?  Research urgently needed.

IPT presented to the US NIH several times, but so far without results.

Six books about IPT, an IPTQ exclusive.

Interview with Donato Perez Garcia MD 3.

IPT slide show, updated.

Letters about IPT to and from public figures.

Details and more news...


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What people have said about IPT:

"I feel like I am the recipient of a miracle.  I feel a gratitude that words will never express." -- former IPT patient Donna McDermott .

"IPT needs to be the treatment of choice with chemo. There should be no question about that. For everyone, especially children, the risks and side effects are so much less than with regular administration of chemo." -- Susan Holder, nurse and mother of a child with cancer.

"I am honored to be an instructor in IPT and must  thank you again and again for not only changing my life but life of all my  past, present and future [Dr. Donato Perez Garcia] and your father and grandfather are great men, there is no doubt."
--an IPT physician and instructor

"Medicine of Hope"   -- JC Paquette MD
"Medicine of Dreams"   -- C Duffield PhD 

"Your ideas about making standard drugs work better are interesting...."  -- former US President Bill Clinton 

"IPT is a weapon of mass benevolence."
  --C Duffield PhD  



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