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    Main sections of this site    

About IPT -- Start here.  Definition of IPT, IPT at a glance, IPT method, How IPT works, IPT experience.  Includes IPT History -- discovery & origins, 50s-60s, 70s-80s-90s, IPT millennium.
Cancer -- cases --  breast, prostate, lymphoma, cervix/uterus, skin, bone, pancreas, colon, nose & throat, other cancers
Other Diseases -- cases & possibilities -- arthritis, infectious, respiratory, circulatory/cardiovascular, immune/allergy, neurological, eyes, ears, skin, digestive, genitourinary, musculoskeletal, and more...
Doctors -- currently practicing IPT, and from the past.
Patient Stories -- Interviews with and stories of IPT patients.
Articles & Publications -- articles, documents, patents, bibliography
Books -- Three books about IPT, in English, Spanish, and French.
Action!  -- The road ahead for IPT: advocacy, action, change

Dear friends,

         You are probably looking for better treatment for yourself or for a family member or friend.  And you probably don't have a lot of time.  So we have made it easy for you to get the IPT story quickly.  And we have also made a lot of in-depth information available if you want it.

        Read the About IPT page to get the big story.  It has links to give you more information about IPT history, experience, and method.   IPT has been around a long time, and it has helped thousands of patients, many almost miraculously.  

        If you are concerned about cancer, look at the cases in that section.  And don't miss the great interview with Donna McDermott, a breast cancer survivor who completely avoided surgery, radiation, and high dose chemotherapy thanks to 23 IPT treatments.   

        IPT has also been used for treating many other diseases, and you can read many of these cases.  Unfortunately, the doctor with the most experience died in November, 2000.  But some other doctors may be willing to try IPT for the condition you are dealing with.

        If, after considering all this information, you want to talk to or visit an IPT-trained doctor, find one through the complete listings on the doctors page.   Or tell your own doctors about IPT and this website, and encourage them to get trained to practice IPT.  Also tell them about the books and articles here on IPTQ.org.  You  might enjoy reading them, too... 

          You can contact me by email or phone if you have IPT information or stories to share, or if I can be of assistance.

         I hope the information on this website is helpful for you.   You have  my best wishes for good health and good luck. 


Chris Duffield  Ph.D.
IPTQ.org webhost


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