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About IPT -- Start here.  Definition of IPT, IPT at a glance, IPT method, How IPT works, IPT experience.  Includes IPT History -- discovery & origins, 50s-60s, 70s-80s-90s, IPT millennium.
Cancer -- cases --  breast, prostate, lymphoma, cervix/uterus, skin, bone, pancreas, colon, nose & throat, other cancers
Other Diseases -- cases & possibilities -- arthritis, infectious, respiratory, circulatory/cardiovascular, immune/allergy, neurological, eyes, ears, skin, digestive, genitourinary, musculoskeletal, and more...
Doctors -- currently practicing IPT, and from the past.
Patient Stories -- Interviews with and stories of IPT patients.
Articles & Publications -- articles, documents, patents, bibliography
Books -- Three books about IPT, in English, Spanish, and French.
Action!  -- The road ahead for IPT: advocacy, action, change


 Open letter to philanthropists...    

Dear friends,

        I have read that it is hard work to give money away responsibly.  Philanthropists need to make sure that opportunities are real, that projects will have high leverage (high benefits-to-cost ratio), and that the money will be managed properly.

        Let me make it easy for you.  When you read the material on this website, you will see that insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) research and implementation may be one of the greatest philanthropic opportunities ever.

        First, there is a lot of evidence that IPT is real:  
1.  Good scientific backing for the idea that IPT works.
2.  More than 130 doctor-years of experience, practiced by 12 enthusiastic doctors over 75 years, in five countries.
3.  Many excellent case histories of patients with cancer and a wide range of other diseases.   If IPT is a placebo, it is a really great placebo. 

        (But don't expect your medical advisors to know anything about IPT.  Very few people know about it yet.  Have them read this website before they say anything.)

        Second, the leverage of a philanthropic investment in IPT is potentially astronomical.  Based on an analysis by economists at the University of Chicago, I estimate that a few million dollars invested in IPT research and implementation will set off a mushrooming chain of events that will bring humanity benefits worth at least several trillion dollars. Leverage like this is rarely found even in the business world.  (Examples are Microsoft and Yahoo!)   And this is not to mention all the suffering to be relieved, and the many, many millions of lives to be saved.  Implementation of IPT worldwide could have results comparable to ending a major war.

        On this website I develop in detail the picture that IPT may address many of the big problems of humanity:  Cancer treatment.  HIV/AIDS, herpes, hepatitis C, malaria, other parasites, and other infectious diseases which plague the poor countries and threaten the rich.  Drug-resistant disease organisms.  Respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.  Neurological diseases.  And many more.

        Do not let this big picture overwhelm you.  We can approach these applications one at a time.  If even just two or three of these IPT applications are successfully developed, it will be cause for worldwide celebration.

        And yes, the money will be managed properly and spent wisely.  It is my  personal feeling that IPT deserves its own nonprofit organization.  We don't have one yet, but we can start under the wing of an established nonprofit organization.  Any guidance, people, and infrastructure that come along with philanthropic funding will be greatly appreciated.  And there are so many wonderful talented people who could become great board members.

        Your stocks will go up and down, your Ferrari and Gulfstream and dream home will depreciate and get sold to someone else.  But this is one investment that will pay huge dividends to humanity for decades and centuries to come.

        Enough introduction.  It is time for you to explore this website...  If you get excited, if you want to get involved with IPT, give me a call or send an email.

        Thank you.


Chris Duffield  Ph.D.
IPTQ.org webhost


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