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About IPT -- Start here.  Definition of IPT, IPT at a glance, IPT method, How IPT works, IPT experience.  Includes IPT History -- discovery & origins, 50s-60s, 70s-80s-90s, IPT millennium.
Cancer -- cases --  breast, prostate, lymphoma, cervix/uterus, skin, bone, pancreas, colon, nose & throat, other cancers
Other Diseases -- cases & possibilities -- arthritis, infectious, respiratory, circulatory/cardiovascular, immune/allergy, neurological, eyes, ears, skin, digestive, genitourinary, musculoskeletal, and more...
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 Open letter to people who work for healthcare providers...    

Dear friends,

        Whether your organization is profit, nonprofit, or governmental, your stated goals certainly include:

  1. Giving the best health care possible to the people you cover.
  2. Reducing costs as much as possible.

I believe that insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) could immensely help you and your organization in both of these directions.

Better health care

        For cancer care, I do not know of a medical treatment that can compare in effectiveness and low side effects to IPT, as reported here.  Fast, often complete remissions using insulin potentiated very-low-dose chemotherapy are reported routinely, without surgery, radiation, and side effects.

        For arthritis care, the reported results are also very interesting:  relief from symptoms for five to seven years after just two or three IPT treatments.

        And IPT has been reported to have similarly good results for treatment of a very wide variety of other diseases, over its 74 years (134 doctor years) of practice.  Much as antibiotics can treat  a wide variety of infections with many different manifestations, much as steroids can provide rapid symptomatic relief for a wide range of conditions, IPT is apparently a mechanism that has multiple actions and wide applicability.

Lower costs

        Smaller doses of drugs are needed with IPT.  Reported results are faster.  Treatment is reported to be more effective, resulting in shorter duration of care, and less follow-up required.  Toxicity is decreased and safety is increased.  And in some cases, such as hepatitis C and pancreatic cancer, there is no other practical medical treatment available at any price.  All of these result in improved outcomes and lower costs.

        Unfortunately, all of the reports of IPT success are anecdotal.  (But what great anecdotes!)  Groups like yours usually want a lot of controlled clinical evidence before adopting a new practice.  And the needed clinical trials and laboratory research have not yet been done in the 74 years of IPT history.   We who are involved with IPT think that such trials are urgently called for.  The enthusiasm of doctors who have used IPT, the  low risk of trying IPT, the huge potential benefits if it is validated, and the growing support in the scientific literature for ideas of why IPT may work, all point in this direction.

        It appears improbable that such research will be carried out or supported by drug companies, since this is a small modification of medical practice rather than a new drug, and since they have not supported this work for the last 74 years,   That means that funding and action will need to come from government agencies, from philanthropy, and from healthcare providers like your organization.  Whether your group actually carries out clinical trials, or just lobbies the NIH and the pharmaceutical companies to give IPT more attention, your help will be effective and appreciated.

        With IPT you have the chance to offer your patients a safer, more effective medical practice, getting better results using the drugs and supplies you already have.  You also have the chance to save many millions of dollars, while saving and improving countless lives.  Now is the right time to become familiar with and get involved with IPT.  Soon your patients will demand it.

        Please explore this website and see what I mean...


Chris Duffield  Ph.D.
IPTQ.org webhost


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