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Open letter to biomedical researchers...  .

Dear friends,

        Welcome to the new world of insulin potentiation therapy (IPT).  This is a vast and barely explored territory.  Doctors who have empirically explored part of this territory have come back with pockets full of incredible anecdotes.  Anecdotes so good and diverse that people who have not been there often think the explorers are not credible and may be crazy.  Yet researchers on the fringes of the IPT domain have found many phenomena that point towards the actual plausibility of wonderful things existing in this unknown realm.  Still, none yet have plunged directly in to see what is there.

        The world of IPT has many facets, each a potential hidden gem.  If we believe the anecdotal reports from 130 doctor-years of IPT experience over seven and a half decades, we know that IPT works, and that it does great things for many different diseases.  A whole army of biomedical researchers could explore this domain, and yet we are still waiting for one brave soul to be the first.

        IPT was discovered 72 years ago, and yet it is still considered radical, different, thinking outside of the box, coming from out of left field.  There are barriers of skepticism, denial, not-invented-here, no funding, no status, never-heard-of-it.  All of these are indicators of a new paradigm waiting to emerge on the other side of the wall.  Perhaps it is time to graduate from the stage of wondering if IPT is real to the stage of asking what do we do about it?, and where do we go next?...

        Here are just a few IPT research topics looking for new owners:

IPT and cancer treatment in animals
IPT and intracellular transport of drugs.
IPT and blood-brain barrier transport of drugs.
IPT and potentiation, targeting, and biological response modification in cancer.
IPT and blood chemistry modification.
IPT and gene expression in various tissues...  What is going on?
IPT and arthritis:  rapid  long-lasting inflammation control. What's going on?
IPT and stem cell proliferation: neuro, cardio, and other tissue regeneration?
IPT for drug transport into cells with intracellular bacterial or parasite infections.
(malaria, tuberculosis, mycobacteria).
IPT and treatment of sequestered viral infections (HIV/AIDS, herpes, etc.)
IPT and more rapid treatment of H. pylori infections and ulcers.
IPT and rapid treatment of respiratory diseases
IPT clinical studies of any one of dozens of diseases.

        And this is just scratching the surface of topics suggested by the IPT anecdotes and the body of existing biomedical science related to IPT.

How often do opportunities like this come in a lifetime?  What are you waiting for?

        You are welcome to enter this website and look around the world of IPT.  It may seem strange at first.  Be skeptical and guarded if you must.  But to some researchers this might start to look interesting, and it might start to feel like home.  If so, you are welcome to take some seed ideas back to your lab or research hospital, and see if they will grow.

        When you are surprised by success, let us know.


Chris Duffield  Ph.D.
IPTQ.org webhost


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