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IPT Training Course Evaluation Form

submitted to

Donato Perez Garcia MD, instructor

Instructions:  Please fill out the form below,
and then click on the "Submit Course Evaluation" button. 
Responses will be kept confidential, except in aggregated statistical form,
unless you give us permission to quote you.

Your name: 

Dates of course: 

Overall quality of the course content
Overall quality of instructor's teaching
Course objectives defined and achieved
Instructor's knowledge of the subject
Concepts explained clearly
Techniques demonstrated clearly
Material presented at an appropriate pace
Instructor's interaction with you
Course organization and structure
Integration of theory and practice
Course materials: handouts and web resources


Please comment on the overall course's quality and value:

Please comment on the instructor's teaching, attitude, and effectiveness::

Please comment on course materials.  Which were most & least useful? Why?

How could the course and teaching be improved?

Do you have any additional comments or suggestions?

  I grant permission to quote my responses