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IPT training is available either independently from Dr. Perez Garcia in his office, or at an IPT training workshop in the US, Europe, or anywhere.

Schedule of workshops, and application forms  

See below for details of Dr. Perez Garcia's independent training program.
Application and agreement form in Word 97 format

Donato 3 (right) watches Dr. Hauser practice IPT
Dr. Ross Hauser (foreground) in training
at the office of Dr. Perez Garcia (right).
March 2, 2000

Donato Perez Garcia MD 3 now offers an independent training program for licensed medical doctors to learn IPT.  If you are a doctor, the steps of the program are as follows:

  1. Contact Dr. Perez Garcia, expressing your interest.   An email form is provided for your convenience.   You could also send donatopg3@iptq.com directly or phone him at  011 +52-(664)-686-5473.   Please include full contact information, your medical license number, and your state of registration.   An email address and web access are required for communication and for access to educational materials.  These inquiries are kept confidential.
  2. The course in Tijuana is a three day workshop that includes theory, observation, and hands-on training with Dr. Perez Garcia.  Participants receive a certificate and a three-ring binder filled with information, all in English, including reference materials, nursing techniques, insurance information, etc.   By special arrangement, Dr. Perez Garcia may also provide training in other locations.

  3. Contact Dr. Perez Garcia for the current fee for IPT training, either just for cancer treatment, or for treatment of cancer and other diseases.  (This fee may be adjusted or waived in special cases, such as financial need or the strategic importance of having an IPT doctor in a certain part of the world.)  Doctors are encouraged to bring their patients with them.  This way the doctor will receive supervised experience, and the patient will get continuity of care after returning home.

  4. After communicating with Dr. Perez Garcia, getting all your questions answered, and confirming your intention to proceed, you will set up an appointment with him for your workshop.

  5. Core non-confidential educational materials are now available on IPTQ.org.  You should study the whole site, including all articles and books presented here, and should watch the PowerPoint slide show of the IPT method.  In the future, some of the books and other materials may be available in printed or CD-ROM form.  Some material may be given to you directly. 

  6. When you arrive, bring a white jacket, copies of your medical license and diplomas, your curriculum vitae, and a portrait photograph.    You will complete an application form and sign an agreement to:
    (1) Use and evaluate IPT in your medical practice for at least a reasonable period of time.  (Training slots are a limited resource, and Dr. Perez Garcia wants to make best use of his time and yours.)

    (2) Keep an open line of communication with Dr. Perez Garcia,  advising him of your general results from using IPT for your patients.

    (3) Submit case reports  for all IPT patients, with follow-up, to Dr. Perez Garcia and his authorized IPT Case Registry.   (This enables IPT doctors to share their results for mutual benefit and more rapid accumulation of experience.  Good aggregate statistical data will thus become available for publication.)

    (4) Give full credit  for originating the IPT method to Dr. Perez Garcia and his father and grandfather.
    (Without them there would be no IPT to learn.)

    (5) Preserve the quality and integrity of the IPT method by not teaching it, and by not giving confidential IPT information, to anyone else without the approval and authorization of Dr. Perez Garcia. 

                < Application and agreement form in Word 97 format >

  7. Upon completion of this course, you will be asked to fill out a course evaluation form, and Dr. Perez Garcia will issue to you a certificate of IPT training.

  8. Doctors trained to practice IPT are strongly encouraged (but not required) to allow their contact and practice information, and their photo, to be listed on IPTQ.org/IPTQ.com, the official IPT website.

  9. After completing your IPT training, you will have the opportunity to subscribe to a private password-protected website and email group, IPTdoctors.    Confidential and proprietary material is available there, including a discussion forum, and treatment plans for several diseases, as practiced by Dr. Perez Garcia, which are not available elsewhere. 

  10. Follow-up communications and consultation with Dr. Perez Garcia are available, as needed.  There may be a reasonable charge for expert consultations on how best to proceed in specific cases,  on which medications are recommended for specific indications, and similar matters.

  11. Communication and sharing between trained and certified IPT doctors is encouraged.  An email discussion group is available.  More formal organization will evolve over time.


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