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Dr. Hauser receiving private training from Dr. Perez GarciaIf you are a doctor, please consider getting trained to practice IPT.

If you are a patient, please tell your doctors about IPT and encourage them to get IPT training.  

This is how IPT -- and its many benefits -- can spread, and how it can become conveniently available to patients in your part of the world.

More information about training is available
on the GetIPT.com website.


IPT training is available, in training seminars or by private instruction, to licensed physicians (MD, DO, ND) and trained medical professionals (RN, etc.) who work under their supervision.

There are now nine  IPT instructors:

Donato Perez Garcia MD  (The most experienced IPT practitioner and instructor, practicing IPT since 1983, teaching IPT since August, 1997). Office in Tijuana, just south of San Diego, California.
Steven G. Ayre MD  (Scientific liaison for IPT, the first IPT practitioner living in the US (since 1997), IPT instructor since 1999, active with IPT since 1975, when he studied with Donato Perez Garcia y Bellon.)  Office in Burr Ridge, Illinois, near Chicago.
Ross Hauser MD   (Certified IPT practitioner since December, 1999, certified instructor since June 26, 2002).  Office in Oak Park, Illinois, near Chicago.
Frank George DO, MDH (practicing IPT since June, 2000.  IPT instructor certificate issued September 12, 2002.)  Office in Cave Creek, Arizona, near Phoenix.
Robert J. Rowen MD (Practicing IPT since October, 2000.  Certified IPT instructor since September 19, 2002.)   Editor of Second Opinion Newsletter.  Office in Santa Rosa, California.
Constantine A Kotsanis MD  (Practicing IPT since June 24, 2001.  Certified IPT instructor since December 2002.)  Office in Grapevine, Texas.
  Hayle T. Aldren MD MDH  (Practicing IPT since June, 2000.  IPT instructor since May 2003.)  Office in Cave Creek, Arizona, near Phoenix.
T.R. Shantha MD PhD FACA   (Practicing IPT since Feb, 2001.  IPT instructor since June 2, 2003.)  Office in Stockbridge, Georgia, near Atlanta..
  Thomas Lodi, MD, MD(H)   (Practicing IPT since April, 2002, IPT instructor since November, 2004.  Office in Mesa, Arizona, near Phoenix.

Dr. Perez Garcia speaks at the first US IPT seminar.
Las Vegas seminar, Feb 2001
(click to enlarge)

Oklahoma training 2001
Oklahoma City seminar, June 2001

Oklahoma training 2001
Oklahoma City seminar, June 2001
(click to enlarge)

Dallas taining 2002

Dallas seminar, April 2002
(click to enlarge)

Training is available either privately, in their offices, or in scheduled training seminars which are announced on this website.  Training usually takes 2 to 3 days, and includes history, theory, techniques, drug regimens, insurance and practice concerns, and practical observation.

Training at seminars has the advantages of learning with other doctors, and often having more than one instructor, thus being exposed to more viewpoints in a more dynamic environment.

Private training has the advantage of more personal attention, more flexibility, and often more time for practical observation of IPT treatments.

More information about training is available on the GetIPT.com website.




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