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Chris Duffield, Ph.D., Visiting Scholar
Building 550 Room 551C
(650) 725-2643  Fax (650) 725-4034  Email CDIPTQ@IPTQ.com

Mr. Kofi Annan
Secretary General
United Nations
New York NY  10017

Subject: Insulin Potentiation Therapy could save millions of lives. See www.iptq.org

Dear Mr. Annan,

        I am writing to you as the only recognized chief for the whole human tribe, a man of courage and compassion, about to preside over The Millennium Assembly of the United Nations. I want to share with you information about a little-known medical innovation that could radically improve medicine, save millions of lives and trillions of dollars, and relieve untold suffering.

        This medical innovation is insulin potentiation therapy (IPT). Unknown to the vast majority of doctors, IPT is a simple method for using the hormone insulin to radically boost the effectiveness and body-wide delivery of most medications. With IPT, drugs can be given in about 1/10 the normal dose, with significantly better results than normal, and with virtual elimination of toxic side effects.

        IPT is a better way for doctors to use the drugs they already have, like a software upgrade for existing hardware.

        IPT is a very powerful, generally applicable method. With IPT, many diseases are treated better, faster, and cheaper. And otherwise untreatable diseases become treatable. It appears that most of the major diseases of humanity can be treated better with IPT: cancer, arthritis, respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, and infectious diseases. This last is of particular importance for the epidemic-ravaged developing regions, and ultimately for the world. IPT has been reported to work incredibly well for treatment of HIV/AIDS and its secondary infections, as well as for other viral, bacterial, and parasite infections, including at least one case of malaria. It may even work with tuberculosis. IPT may also be a useful tool in fighting drug resistance of disease organisms.

        The IPT protocol can be modified for use in the developing regions. In the wealthy world, doctors use intravenous drips with insulin and glucose. In the poor world, health workers can use simple intramuscular injection of inexpensive insulin, followed in about an hour by sugar or honey taken by mouth. This technique is easy to learn, and it can make expensive drugs go 10 times as far, at 1/10 the cost per treatment. Faster results mean fewer treatments needed, and still lower cost.

        IPT was discovered 74 years ago by a military doctor in Mexico, Donato Perez Garcia. He was able to cure otherwise incurable tertiary neurosyphilis, the AIDS of his day, before the advent of antibiotics. And he went on to apply IPT to many other diseases, finding equally spectacular results. He demonstrated his technique throughout Mexico and the US, even appearing in Time Magazine in 1944. But the science of his day was unable to understand IPT, clinical research to validate IPT was never carried out, and it was never widely adopted. Fortunately, he passed IPT on to his son and grandson, who have courageously and faithfully kept the technique alive for us all. They in turn have taught IPT to six doctors: one in Canada, one in Argentina, and four in the US. In more than 120 doctor-years of experience, over seven decades and three generations, all these doctors have enthusiastically reported that IPT is very safe, and that it has had remarkable and often astounding results for their patients.

        I realize that IPT may sound like snake oil to some people. But, based on what I have seen in the clinic and in the scientific literature, and my friendship with the doctors, I am betting my precious time, my honor, and my reputation on it.

        I believe that IPT was one of the greatest medical discoveries of the 20th century, and yet after three generations it continues to be virtually ignored even as we enter the 21st... Personally, I feel that this has been a great disgrace for the medical community, and a great injustice to the people of the world. Only a few thousand patients have benefited from IPT, while millions who could have benefited have suffered and died without this simple technique. And millions more will suffer and die without IPT if we do not change course.

        So why donít most doctors know about IPT? And why do I, a non-physician, have to appeal to the Secretary General of the United Nations? Why hasnít IPT been widely researched and adopted over the last 70 years?

        I have encountered many reasons. Among them are: Prejudice against Mexico. Skepticism that a single medical procedure could be so widely useful. Taboos taught in medical school against using insulin for non-diabetic purposes. Crossing the boundaries of too many medical specialties. Lack of clinical data (a catch 22). Coming "from out of left field", not through the usual information channels. Difficulty communicating the sheer volume of IPT information (now solved with my website). Emotional overload at the possibility that IPT is real.

        I have come to the conclusion that the main reason IPT is not yet known and practiced worldwide is because it does not fit into existing medical business models. While IPT could bring trillions of dollars in benefits to humanity (not to mention lives saved and suffering relieved), it would not bring an interesting or easily planned profit to pharmaceutical companies and other medical businesses. Thus, like an orphan drug, IPT is an orphan procedure. The research initiative must come from governmental, NGO, and philanthropic sources.

Therefore, I appeal to you to take the following steps:

  1. Alert your medical advisors and agencies about IPT, and encourage them to study the large website which I have created about it: http://www.iptq.org . This is the most complete archive of IPT information, even including three full-length books. You may want to look at it yourself.

  2. Use your influence to encourage other NGOs, heads of state, and governments to investigate IPT, get their doctors trained to practice IPT, and let them see the good results for themselves.

  3. Send a few open-minded UN doctors to Dr. Perez Garcia to observe and learn the IPT technique. Then send them to the places where they can do the most good. HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa, malaria regions, etc. You will know where better than I do. Since it is not a new drug, but is a better and safer way to use the drugs we already have, IPT is entirely legal and ethical for doctors to practice in every country, today. We do not have time to wait for the results of academic IPT research, which could take years, and which is not even being planned yet. If IPT indeed works, your doctors will see positive results within a week or two, and amazing results within a few months. They may find that, with IPT, the drugs they already have will do things they have always wished for.

        As you have seen, saving thousands of lives through military and political action is complex and difficult. But here may be an easy, quick way to help save millions of lives. Just empower a few doctors to try IPT, publicize their results, and this wonderful, gentle, simple medical method will spread like wildfire.


Chris Duffield, Ph.D.



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