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    After struggling as a breast cancer patient for 12 years, through Dr. Donato’s wonderful therapy, I suddenly find myself cancer free, healthy, strong, and whole. This was done without sacrificing my body parts, femininity, or self-esteem. Dramatic and consistent improved health and well being was brought about through 24 IPT sessions with the good doctor. 

    I would like to tell you my story. 


    I am currently 50 years old. At the age of 37, I noticed a tiny hard protrusion growing just behind the left nipple. It was ugly and I had it removed only to be told that it was intraductal adenocarcinoma (estrogen and progesterone receptive).

    Since my breasts were dense, the mammogram and ultrasound were not able to assess if there was further involvement. Consequently, the surgeon came to me in the recovery room to say that I needed a bilateral mastectomy, lymphectomy, chemo, and/or radiation. I told the surgeon where he could go. My long journey to uncover the cause and benign cure of cancer and a lot of other ailments had begun.

    I had never been healthy in my entire life with unrelenting colds, flu, and allergies. It was, however, at age 33 when every aspect of my life was like a shooting star in progressive success, love, and happiness at every level, that I was plunged into a sudden abyss by having all my mercury amalgam fillings removed from my mouth at once. 


    First the nerves in my face started twitching involuntarily and severely. Within two weeks, my whole physical body started going into collapse. For the next four years, for two hours every morning, I was now icing down my head and using a Tens electrode unit on it in order to be functional and reduce the intense pain and swelling that seriously affected my cognitive abilities (speed and creativity of thought). The spine also became terribly painful. The bowels no longer functioned with any regularity and were covered with heavy mucus. It felt as if the ability of my body to metabolize food and liquid was drastically reduced. Any heat or exercise would cause my fingers to swell from bony to puffy and the left side of the head to sear with pain, and this lasted days or weeks, depending on the ambient temperature. 

    My body was crashing in a downward spiral. My husband didn’t like the new me and started thinking, and then looking, elsewhere. My employment fired me as my work was severely affected. I had to drastically reduce the amount of volunteer work I did as well. I was in terrible pain and my life was collapsing in every direction. This was progressive decay.

    At age 36, my husband left, telling me that I had become like an old woman. The tremendous sorrow from this plunged me deeper into illness. At age 37, the cancer was diagnosed. To me, the cancer seemed like the cruel result of my deep sorrow at the loss of the man that I loved so dearly. To subsequently have some idiot doctor insist that he remove all that was left of my femininity permanently from my body (i.e. surgically remove the breast, chemo that forces menopause, and loss of all body hair) was incomprehensible. 

    I had hair to my waist and loved it. I loved my breasts. I loved my sexuality and wanted to retain the possibility of having children with someone that might love me in the future. 

    Frankly, at age 5, from listening to relatives talk about women they knew with radical mastectomies and their suffering and appearance, I decided that I would prefer death verses the abuse and the disfigurement ----and there has never been another point of view in my life.


    I visited or contacted hundreds of doctors, practitioners, and healers in many different professions from all over the world, including many different cultures. I found a handful of extraordinary people that helped keep me alive, very gradually moving the mercury out of the body, slowing the tumor growth dramatically, but never stopping or reversing the progression of the cancer. I worked relentlessly at the therapies which took most of every day, year after year after year after year. The more helpful therapies included:

1) Metabolic therapy/pancreatic enzymes/coffee enemas which helped the body to regain its weight (12 lbs. On a normally 110 lb. frame) and better maintain metabolic strength.

2) Vegan diet with heavy fresh vegetable juicing, some fish. 

3) Herbalist with extensively accurate diagnostic techniques who made tri-weekly formulas to slow the tumor growth, chelate the mercury, and help with the body metabolism, and reduce pain and swelling.

4) Two chiropractors with entirely different techniques both of which seemed necessary to remediate the structural problems.

5) Myofascial physical therapist.

6) Dalai Lama’s personal physician’s Tibetan cancer therapy

    By 1999, at age 47, the body was dramatically better, maintaining much strength and metabolic health that had me hopeful of returning to a normal life. But, in the same year, a new and unusual pain in the lumbar spine arose that later proved to be a severe metastasis of the L4 vertebrae. I refused to acknowledge the pain or let my mind even consider it was cancer until one day I could no longer walk and the legs came under uncontrollable and intense spasms. I was suddenly no longer able to care for myself and had to be nursed day and night until I could be moved from the rural community where I live to a hospital in Los Angeles for diagnosis and radiation treatment. 

    I was told that the radiation would slow the process of the cancer but not stop it. My minister was told that I had 2 years at best to live. An oncologist was sent to my hospital bed to tell me that he would give me chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumors and thus prepare a better chance for the surgeon to remove the bulk of the breast cancer. (This was the same oncologist that I had unwillingly met 10 years prior who said at the time “your breasts are small, we’ll just take them.”)   I was told that the metastasis would not likely be helped by the chemotherapy. It just might provide me a little more time to live. I refused his help.

    My sister-in-law brought a laptop computer to my bedside and showed me how to use it. I started researching therapies that might have a better chance of healing me and of doing so in a way where I was willing to live in my body. I called friends and researchers and asked them to help me with the research. Ultimately, only 2 therapies sounded like they could help. One, Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, was in Tijuana, Mexico. This treatment involved the use of insulin potentiation and chemotherapy. I made an appointment to meet the doctor, my mother driving me, as my back was damaged enough that I could no longer drive a car more than a few miles to the store --- and that was difficult. 


    Upon meeting Dr. Donato, my immediate impression was that he was a sincere, straightforward, and highly intelligent natural healer, intensely caring about the well being of his patients, and very confident in his ability to help me extensively, perhaps even to the point of “cure”.  I remember so well his words to me: “You are in much better condition that I thought you would be in.  I think this therapy can possibly heal you completely.  You will have about 70% mobility in your leg function when the therapy is completed”.  I don’t believe anyone, especially doctors------but I believed him.  And, I trusted him implicitly.

    Before starting treatment, the doctor sent me a letter outlining my responsibilities in the healing process: get 8 hours sleep per night, exercise, maintain protection in sunlight, drink 64 ounces of water over the course of the day, avoid smoke, minimal wine, eat fresh fruits and vegetables (especially broccoli), and fish, no red meat. Also, maintain regular bowel movements and sexual activity.  It sounded easy enough to me, I was already doing all the above except the sunlight protection.  He suggested that I read his website, IPTQ.com and if I had any further questions, then he would answer them.  I had already read the website thoroughly.  I had no further questions.

    The first treatment was just as Dr. Donato said it would be.  I received an injection of liver extract in the buttock.  A set of vitamins, minerals, and glandulars was administered orally.  A drip was placed in a vein in my arm, and perhaps a half hour later the doctor injected the insulin via the drip. After a half hour or so (if I have my times correct) I started feeling spacey and sweating from every pore of my body. Exactly when I felt that I could pass out, the doctor walked in and added the chemotherapeutic and anti-infection agents via the drip directly into the blood stream. This process causes the chemotherapeutic agents to go directly to the cancer cells, when they are open and ready to feed. Then, as I was lying in bed mostly dazed but semi-aware of the doctor’s presence, he placed a bottle of Gatorade fruit juice in my hand and told me to drink. The sugar in this brought me back to cognition. After resting in the bed for 60 minutes or so, I got up to get dressed. This would be the routine and it served me well. I was then given a prescription for a series of medicines to take orally at home on a daily basis until the next visit. These included (for the first visit) an anti-cancer agent, an anti-inflammatory, an herb to help the liver, and something to keep the bowels moving.

    The treatments ended up being scheduled: 

one time per week for ten visits, 
every two weeks for 4 visits, 
every three weeks for 3 visits, 
every four weeks for 5 visits,
every eight weeks for 2 visits.

First treatment – June 5, 2000
Last treatment – September 9, 2001

    I looked forward to each of the 24 successive treatments because I felt so dramatically better each time that it became almost like an addiction. Since with the potentiation process Dr. Donato uses he can heal a lot more than cancer when combined with the pharmaceuticals appropriate to the ailment, I found the doctor clearing up other infections all along the course of the treatment. This was an added blessing for someone prone to infections like I was. 

    After the first twelve treatments, my lumbar spine was well enough that I was able to drive myself the 2 hours each way down to Mexico and back for the treatments. To be capable of driving on my own again was such a treat. I felt like a wild animal must feel when it is freed from its cage. 

    Gradually with each successive treatment, the redness surrounding the tumor from angiogenesis and the oozing of pus from the site reduced until, after the 24th treatment, there was no more visual redness.  In December 2001, Dr. Donato ordered a PET scan and blood work to be done in the U.S. to check the status of the healing. Zero cancer was found.

    The tumors did not disappear, but were smaller, softer. The breast and lymph node area pain are no longer present and not triggered by eating fruit, spices, dairy, or any of the other items that over the last 12 years had always caused cancer pain and tumor growth. I can now eat my meals and feel like the body is obtaining the nutrient value from them. All organs work more and better than they did before the treatments, albeit they do feel more tired, which should be a passing thing and progressively ameliorated. I can walk two miles at a time moderately fast without severe repercussions, and am working on adding speed and distance to this equation. I can sit for many hours without any problems or pain whereas when I first came to visit Dr. Donato, the 4 hour roundtrip ride and short visit was terrifically difficult for my lower back to tolerate. These things may not sound like much, but they are huge positive changes for me. My goal is to be able to backpack the Sierra Nevada range in California and kayak the rivers near my home. The doctor has told me that this is an achievable goal. 

    I am currently still under Dr. Donato’s care. It is a period of lessening the tamoxifen dosage, rebuilding the body, and keeping watch to make sure everything is progressing as it should. I have requested of him that he remain my doctor even when he has released me permanently as a cancer patient. I trust him implicitly with my life and health to take the best of care and to have terrific insight into what is needed regardless of the situation. 

    Currently, I am preparing to go back to work, something I have not done in many years now.  Most people probably want out of their jobs.  I have missed mine.  I have missed far too much life and have a lot of catching up to do to satisfy my soul’s ambitions.  I feel up to the challenge and look forward to it.

    By the way, in case anyone wonders, I still have my breasts and never lost my hair.  This makes a huge difference to me and the man in my life.

    I would guess that most breast cancer patients would have a happier and very possibly a more successful resolve to their health problems with this therapy than with what they are normally offered. 

    I thank God often for His intervention through Dr. Donato --- the gift of abundant life.  And, Dr. Donato, I thank you with all my heart and soul. 

Laurie Shaw

June 21, 2002



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