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We invite owners of other websites to link to IPTQ.  
We also link to other websites, if we decide that they are appropriate.  

IPT and IPT doctors websites:

Donato Perez Garcia MD -- master of IPT, grandson of discoverer.

IPTDoctors e-group.  Doctors-only subscription website about IPT.

 Road Back Foundation -- antibiotic therapy for rheumatic and connective tissue disease (IPT might help it work better through more effective delivery of antibiotics to affected joints and tissues)

Selected Medical Websites:  
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Citizens for Health -- advocacy website for US citizen-focused health initiatives.  Great email interface for Congress.

Cancer Links

AlternativeCancer.us -- run by my friend Paul WinterCancell is a nontoxic antioxidant substance that has reportedly helped many patients.  An alternative to consider if one does not want to, or cannot try IPT.  We don't know yet if IPT and Cancell will work together.  Paul also reviews a number of other alternative treatment substances, and provides an alternative way to decide which ones to try.

David Gregg's web page on cancer.  David, a retired laser physicist, presents his ideas about cancer causes and dietary treatment, as well as new ideas about how cesium chloride may work.  Will it work better with IPT?  Only research will tell.

Pub Med  (Medline medical literature search -- a great tool )

www.alternative-cancer.net  they sell a report that reviews IPT along with other treatments.

History of the [first] Discovery of Insulin

HugNet   (Hal Huggins DDS)

"Canadian herbal cancer remedies  tested by three major hospitals in China under strict supervision of the Ministry of Health of China."

Other Websites of Possible Interest:

Chris Duffield, Ph.D.   (webhost of IPTQ.org)

[Note:  Websites linked from this page are not part of IPTQ.org, and we have no responsibility for them or their content, nor do they have responsibility for the content of IPTQ.org.  We provide these links for the interest and convenience of viewers, and we make no implied claims or endorsements.]

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