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A clue to an application of IPT for treatment of autoimmune disorders comes from this edited excerpt of an email to me from Louis Paquette, talking about his father Jean-Claude Paquette MD:

He had just returned from Europe and was telling me about the 
incredible results he had with Lupus, a skin disease that has no known 
cure.  He had practically cured two cases of it in 6 weeks without use 
of any cream, all from inside out with the ICT [IPT].  One of the patients was 
90% covered  and couldn't even put shoes on for many years.  My Dad was 
supposed to go back in Europe to treat 5 more patients who had it, but he died... 

A search through Dr. Paquette's records, which Louis Paquette has saved, may tell us what medications his father was using with IPT to achieve these results.  Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2 may also have had some experience with this disease.


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