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A case of Hodgkins Lymphoma is reported in   Clinical Experience with the Practice of  Insulin Potentiation Therapy: Best Case Series by Donato Perez Garcia y Bellon, M.D.,  Donato Perez Garcia, Jr., M.D., and  SGA, M.D., 1997.

One case of second degree lymphocytic lymphoma  is described in Cellular Cancer Therapy (Donato Perez Garcia 1 and Donato Perez Garcia y Bellon 2, 1978(?), translated by Mike Dillinger. 

A newer case of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma case report follows:

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma case report  October 23,1998   by Donato Perez Garcia 3.     
Patient: D L , male    Birth Date: 10/1934 (65 years old)
Diagnosis: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Stage III polymorphous large cell lymphoma.   Possible underlying low-grade small lymphocytic lymphoma.

1) 7/30/98 after 3rd IPT treatment

2) 8/31/98 at 13th IPT treatment

3) 10/23/98 at 17th IPT treatment

       Initially this 65 year old patient was seen at the Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville in July,1998, for development of left supraclavicular adenopathy.He had a history of nodular gastritis with intestinal metaplasia. In addition , he had outside CT scans showing extensive intra’abdominal adenopathy (CT scans done in Venezuela).He underwent biopsy of the left supraclavicular lymph node on July 9,1998, which revealed a polymorphic large cell lymphoma. This B’cell neoplasm expressed CD45 and CD20, but not CD3. In addition, there may have been a low grade lymphoma of small lymphocytic type and some relation between this and his prior history of gastrointestinal lyphocytic infiltrate. Thus, the more aggressive lymphoma may represent a transformation of the lower grade process. Additional staging included biopsy of the bone marrow, which was negative. Several blood tests were performed revealing only a mild anemia, the rest was reported as normal or negative.

        On July 24, 1998 he began a series of 17 IPT treatments. The lymph node on the left side of the neck measured 44 mm. The morning of the 3rd IPT treatment (7/30/98), the lymph node measured 39 mm (see photo 1 at right).

On August 31,1998, on the morning before the 13th IPT treatment, the lymph node measured 9 mm (see photo 2).

He came back for 4 additional IPT on 10/12; 10/16; 10/19 and 10/23.  On 10/23 there was no measurable lymph node (see photo 3 ). He had a CT scan done in South America that reported  "significant improvement in the neck tumor, and also the abdominal lymph node showed signs of possible necrosis but significantly reduced in size”.

IPT treatment history:

7/24, 7/27, 7/30, 8/3, 8/7, and 8/10
PO (oral): Lanzoprazol 15mg ; BComplex 1 tab

IM (intramuscular): Liver extract 1ml; Dexametasone 2mg.
IV (intravenous): Vit C 1gr; Metronidazol 150mg; Iron 100mcg; Cyclophosphamide 40mg; Doxorubicin 1mg; Vinblastine 1mg

8/14; 8/17; 8/21; 8/24; 8/28; and 8/31

IM: Liver Extract 1ml
IV: VitC 1gr; Iron 100mcg; Dexamethasone 2mg; Metronidazol 150mg; Meloxicam 15mg; Doxorubicine 1mg; Mexathe 2mg; Vinblastine 1mg and Cyclophosphamide 50mg.

10/12; 10/16; 10/19; and 10/23
Same as first round.

Interim medication: Clorambucilo 6mg PO; LEGALON 3bid; AGIOLAX 1 bid and Meloxicam 7.5mg.

Today (10/23/98), the patient left my office happy, with no visible node on the neck. He plans to return in February of 1999.

Follow-up Note: As of February 1999 the patient still feels well, although there are still signs of disease in his blood count.  He has not been able to return to Dr. Perez Garcia 3 to complete his course of treatment.



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