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Table of Contents for this book


Insulin-Cellular Therapy

Jean-Claude Paquette, M.D.


Translated from French by Aimé Ricci

Order this book in paperback format directly from the translator, Mr. Aime Ricci:
Fax: +1-602-283-5397 or email aimericci@earthlink.net

Dr. Jean-Claude Paquette (1927-1995)
Dr. Jean-Claude Paquette 

Dépot légal bibliothèque nationale du Québec 4ième trimestre 1994
ISBN: 2-9804433-O-1
Translation copyright © 1999,2000 by Aimé Ricci

To my very dear friend Donato, who showed me the fabulous medicine of his father.

Here's a dedication of the pre-issuing edition of my book written with LOVE for the ones who have enough of being sick.

Unfortunately, it has not yet been translated in Spanish nor in English.  Maybe one day---?

Avec toute mon amitié.

            J Claude


(Personal dedication handwritten in a pre-publication copy given to Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2...)



He was a man who left us too early in spite of his 90 years, and who profoundly marked my life. I can say without exaggeration that "he was the most extraordinary man I have ever known."

He knew how to teach me the true sense of honor, duty, conscience, justice, and truth: He was a real man.

He was a light which, all those who knew him, liked to share with him. He was a living encyclopedia, which Larousse would have envied. He was also a true scholar for whom universal history had no secrets.

Lecturer of choice, he was considered by the Montrealer magazine the best lecturer of the time in Canada. (The best after-dinner speaker of Canada.)

He was also noted as one of the most decorated men in the British Empire, and much appreciated on the religious side as well as the civil and military.

With love, it is to my deceased father, the Honorable Dr. Albiny Paquette, former Minister of Health, that I dedicate this book he has inspired me to write.


In this century of ambition and dehumanization, rare are those who want to unite and work together towards a same goal for the benefit of humanity.

In an unselfish, human way, and with passion, Dr. Jean-Claude Paquette joined this group founded by my father, the General Dr. Donato Perez Garcia.

Did his friend for whom the medicine of his country could no longer do anything, come to see me by chance? Or was it because God directed him to me, so that Dr. Paquette would come to Mexico to study this new treatment?

By love for his fellow man, by honesty towards his profession and with a sure and unselfish judgment, he did everything he could to have the discovery of a Mexican doctor recognized.

While reading his book, so pleasant to read, I was deeply moved, knowing what he had suffered in his country because of the marked opposition that he met there, just like us here in Mexico.

This force to persevere, we owe it to the marvelous results so well described here, which we also obtained. His different way to consider the patients rather than the diseases, unlike in orthodox traditional medicine, gives more value and more credit to this true medicine, effective, economical, inoffensive, and without secondary reactions, that is the Insulin-Cellular Therapy, or Donatian Cellular Therapy : The Medicine of Hope.

Dr. Paquette has treated some cases that I have not treated yet, like multiple sclerosis and drug addiction. This is to say that he has made significant innovations in the therapy.

I hope that one day we will be able to work together, to share our experiences and to rejoice in our successes with our patients.

I want to express my sincere affection and gratitude for this great Canadian doctor, Dr. Paquette, for the hours of labor, the efforts, and the devotion he brought to the realization of this great work that is addressed to all the sick people of the whole world.

Donato Perez Garcia y  Bellon, M.D




This work recounts the trials and tribulations of a country doctor fighting against the defenders of a dehumanized system. It is the story of my life. It is also the story of my patients I have adored and who allowed me to learn everything I know. I read in their heart, in their soul that many bared for me, in their misfortunes, their weaknesses, their illnesses, and their life.

I learned that it was necessary to look beyond the symptoms that brought the patients to me.

Between right and logic, I would like the reader to grasp my message of truth and recognize what is valid outside of the beaten paths.

I tried to present the facts with a logic likely to be understood. I believe that my first objective will appear clearly throughout this reading: "To help those who want to help themselves."

I wanted to popularize my medical point of view and to express it without emphasis, in simple language, understood by everyone, as I did in my booklet on Insulin-Cellular Therapy (ICT) in 1983.

Throughout my experiments with this medicine, which was new to me, I continued to gather scattered bits of information and I got the idea to write a book about it.

I was only writing for myself, to organize my "cellular" ideas, to keep a journal of the fascinating events I was witnessing, day after day, in my practice that had become medical research.

I would like to abolish the taboos that have prevented serious researchers and honest doctors to cast a look at it, to consider it, and to help them to solve as I did, the mystery surrounding this discovery.



What reaction will the publication of this book generate? The non-believers will shake their head or call it poppycock without even reading it. Caution! Incredulity is often a form of pride, of jealousy sometimes. The pride of certain keeps them from recognizing realities they did not discover themselves. Not very long ago, science was relentless in denying everything it did not understand.

To develop medical science Pope Pius XII has encouraged doctors to get out of the paths recognized by the official world of medicine.

For a scientist, it is certainly not easy at first to accept a new therapy without having tried it out himself in his scientific circle. I understand him and invite him to do so. We should not however sterilize the development of medical science.

We do not condemn insulin because it does not cure diabetes or digitalis because it does not cure cardiac insufficiency. To allow science to evolve, it is necessary to broaden the field of research. We should not wait for rehabilitation on the scientific or medical level to consider it.

Do we have an idea of what medical research can cost? To prove that its aspirin was the best on the market against the flu, the Bayer Company spent the moderate sum of 15 million dollars. I have it from the doctor who was in charge of that research.

A great scientist, Dr. Pages declared: "There are not two medicines, the official and the non-official, but only one: What cures." To be more precise, I would rather say: "What contains the disease, makes it regress, makes it possible to function normally, sometimes cures, but before all what brings relief.

I will finish with this other thought full of wisdom from President Roosevelt who inspired me with my very first beginnings in Insulin-Cellular Therapy: "What is worse than not to succeed, it is not to try!"



For five years, my thoughts have been simmering. The valve of truth just blew-up. What has never been exposed about the medicine I have studied in Mexico must make the truth explode.

I must speak with a new force inspired by my conscience. I feel morally implicated. I do not have the right to remain silent.

I will ask the reader to be lenient. It is not easy to write at the same time for the professional and for the public. They are two different worlds and I know them both well.

Too often my doctor's soul has exploded throughout my recounts. I know that the cold rhetoricians will attack me on my emotiveness. It does not matter! The facts are here, and they are truthful.

The day will come when my soul and my body shall disassociate.... Then, I will begin to grow. We really grow only after our death.





History tells us that a certain Galileo, during the sixteenth century, inventor of the telescope that enabled him to prove that the earth rotated around the sun (and not the reverse), had adopted the theory of Thales in Mesopotamia, Kepler, and Copernicus: He had claimed that the earth was round. For that, he was declared a heretic by the court of Rome, because he was opposing the Letter of the Scriptures, which said that it was flat and did not rotate. The Scriptures referred to the sentence of the Gospel: "Go to the Four Corners of the Earth" (evangelize all the nations). He was imprisoned and had to abjure in front of the Inquisition. He paid his sentence of prison in renouncing his discovery and by signing a document: "I see now that it cannot turn", but then while murmuring: "Eppur si muove" (and yet it moves).

It was the same fate for Pasteur, Curie, and Salk. For a long time they were vilified, ridiculed before admitting they were right. The court of the Vatican rehabilitated Galileo at the beginning of the 1980s, more than three centuries later.

Perhaps it will be the same for Dr. Donato Perez Sr., deceased in 1971, who discovered the Donatian Cellular Therapy in 1927; for his son Donato, from whom I learned this therapy and who succeeded his father in 1957; for his grandson Donato Jr. who currently practices with his father; and for myself practicing it since 1976.



I did not have the courage to tell my patients, when I saw them dying one after the other: "Medicine cannot do anything for you any more" or: "Get used to living with your disease" or sometimes: "when the end comes, we will give you morphine or the death cocktail... ."

I was stubborn enough to seek a medicine, which can always relieve, usually prolong life, and sometimes cure.

After 23 years of general practice as a "simple" general practitioner, it is "by chance" that I discovered the existence of such a medicine in Mexico, and I have perfected it for 18 years, discovering day after day an immense field of experimentation in medicine.

Suffering myself from a herniated (slipped) disc whose treatment always involves surgery in conventional medicine, I agreed to be treated medically, without surgery by the Donatian Cellular Therapy. I had been suffering from it for 5 months, day and night. I declare that I have never suffered again from it since my single medical treatment 19 years ago.

With all my heart, I studied this medicine, new to me. During six long months, I rehashed it, meditated about it, before applying it myself to my first desperate patient. She has been doing very well since. That was seventeen years ago.

Filled with enthusiasm by the positive results I was experiencing day in day out, I have discussed this therapy with the president of the College of Medicine in Montreal, Dr. Augustin Roy; biologist Gaston Naëssens; biochemist Fernand Seguin; with Jean Palaiseul, famous French writer and author of "All the hopes of a cure"; with Dr. René Ropars of the Faculté de Médecine de Paris; with Dr. Michael Lévi, holder of 17 international fellowships; with the lung specialist Albert Joannette, in front of whom I have applied an ICT treatment, with his assistant Dr. Agop Karagos, lung specialist; and with my father, doctor and former Secretary of Health who believed in this therapy and at age 87 has accepted to let me give him an Insulin-Cellular Therapy (ICT) treatment. NB: He has really been relieved of his thoracic shingles, which had made him suffer horribly.

I did everything I could to incite the College of Medicine, its Committee of Specialists, the Provincial Secretary of Health, the Federal Secretary of Health in Ottawa, the seniors of the Faculty of Medicine of Montreal and McGill Universities, to look into this discovery and I did not succeed there.

In February 1990, I addressed a letter to the Connaught Laboratory, manufacturer of insulin in Toronto, offering them my collaboration to bring to light this great technique that the medical profession is still ignoring. They also refused and did not express any interest.

NB: Throughout this book, regarding Insulin-Cellular Therapy, I will use the abbreviation ICT.



While I was writing this book, I remembered:

That I have brought into this world 3369 babies (not test tube babies), of which several still walk on credit... ;

That I have never adhered to the waiting list plan. I always made it my duty to receive my patients on request, the very same day, or in urgency on a simple telephone call;

That I have fulfilled my role of doctor-coroner during 23 years: research cases, murder investigations, drowning, various accidents, arson cases, suspicious deaths, taking off even at night in seaplanes on lakes, to land on others in the woodland, thus sacrificing to corpses many hours that could have benefited many living patients with traditional medicine;

To have burned in my fireplace $75,000 of medical accounts in 1970, representing thousands of sleepless nights, $25.00 childbirths, fractures reductions, emergency sutures, and a full "freight" carload of medicine... ;

To have slept only three complete nights during the 45 (forty-five) days of the 1958 Asian flu.

To have refused a home consultation only once in 36 years of practice, because I was too sick: temperature of 104° F (40° C), with a "good" pneumonia. There are also some "bad" ones!

To have spent more than 200 evenings at the regular meetings of my Town Council as mayor, for 17 years, and whole days as Prefect, chair of the 31 mayors, at the Council of Labelle County for 10 years, often to the detriment of my medical practice;

To have organized (a provincial first) 3 social meetings of all municipal and county school administrators and their wives. They were dinner-seminar concerts.

Always to the detriment of my patients, to have engaged myself in the parochial and artistic life of my area, to have founded in my village about fifteen local organizations: arena and sports club, regional winter carnival, racquet club, bugle association, Chamber of Commerce, Richelieu club, society for concerts, Red Cross, "panache" (elk or moose antlers) contests, international boat races, regional mixed chorus and how many other organizations?

To have opened a health and physical education center in the area, according to the principle: a healthy soul in a healthy body (Mens sana in corpore sano);

To have limited myself to a choice of approximately 80 prescription medications to treat successfully by ICT, all the cases mentioned in this book, choosing only the purest forms of the pharmacopoeia;

I was surprised to learn recently that Canadian Health Insurance spent the sum of $750 million in 1994 on a budget of almost $17 billion for a total of, hang in there: 15,000 medications... ;

To have had a "dangerous behavior" citation for speeding to save lives in danger and to have saved some... ;

To have resuscitated a hung man, who never forgave me;

To have resuscitated an 84 year old lady to whom the priest had just given the last sacraments. When he proclaimed that it was a miracle, I retorted by adding: "Yes, Monsignor! A miracle of medicine". She lived another six months;

To have found and developed by myself a technique of auto-hemotherapy (autohemotherapy) which consists in treating a patient with his own blood, which does not cost anything, to treat labial herpes (wild fire) with real and persistent success. Some of my patients have never had a recurrence in 25 years. During the same period, a subsidy of $17 million was granted for the discovery of a very expensive antiviral drug, which must be repeated with each flare up and which does not cure anything;

To have used with surprising results intravenous calcium in acute cases of nervous breakdown and exhaustion. Medicine has not yet made full use of this marvelous and handy medicine;

To have given multiple conferences at the four corners of the province of Quebec, in France, in the United States, to have invited the patients to take control of their own lives, to practice preventive medicine by improving their living conditions;

To have been invited to appear on the television in Mexico City, with Dr. Donato Perez, interviewed by Excelsior, El Universal and France Presse Internationale. On Canadian television: Story of a doctor in Ferme-Neuve. On the TV show Fusion: Médecine d’Aujourd’hui. As lecturer at Sillon Cosmique: A healthy soul in a healthy body. At the Commensal. At the Bonaventure Hôtel in Montreal. In Paris, in 1986, I was also interviewed by the Figaro, Paris Match, and the Journal Le Monde.




Dr. Donato Perez Sr., professor of surgery at the military hospital of Mexico City, had suffered for several years from a gastro-intestinal disorder that the medicine of his time could not cure.

In 1923, the news of the discovery of insulin by Banting & Best, two Canadian biochemists of Toronto, went around the world. The documentation sent to the University of Mexico City fell into Dr. Perez’s hands. He noted that it was effective in malnutrition and that was his own case.

By injecting insulin, he began to better assimilate the food he was eating and he quickly gained a few kilos. Proud of his first experiment, he wondered whether insulin could also contribute to the absorption of medication?

He checked his assumption on two groups of ten dogs to whom he administered identical doses of poisons, mercury and arsenic salts, preceded by administering a dose of insulin to the second group.

He sacrificed the twenty dogs. He did not find any trace of poison in the brains of the first group. On the other hand, the blood concentration of poison in the animals of the second group was about equal to that found in their brains: insulin had made it possible to make a breach in the blood-brain barrier and the poison could thus be absorbed. He then concluded from this that insulin could also support the absorption of medication.

He subsequently began to treat cases of neuro-syphilis successfully in Mexico City. He used mercury salts from the conventional medicine of the time, but they were preceded by insulin injections.

Going from one disease to another, he continued his experiments on asthma, arthritis, and even cancer, while going through the whole range of the known diseases of the epoch.

Dr. Donato Perez died in 1971. His son Donato joined the clinic of his father in 1957.



One of my best friends, LP, had been operated on for prostate cancer, in Ontario in 1974.

Histologically, it was an adeno-carcinoma (malignant tumor). Two months later, he was confirmed at the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital in Montreal, the presence of metastases to the lumbar spine and the left shoulder, for which he underwent thirty cobalt radiation treatments.

I saw him several times during the following two years. He suffered hopelessly and had very painful poultices applied by an Indian medicine man, which added to his suffering instead of relieving it. Stoical, he endured in silence. And very courageously, he continued to work indefatigably.

One night of February 1976, he sent for me to come to his home and crying, begged me to administer to him a lethal amount of morphine or sleeping pills, offering to discharge me of any responsibility with a document signed in front of witnesses. I refused.

The next morning, in his presence, I called ten colleagues in Quebec and friends in the United States. Three of them advised him to go to the "Clinica Del Mar, Tijuana", in Mexico, where Dr. Contreras had a claimed success with the famous laetrile.

Two weeks later, as soon as he got out of the plane, he returned to my office beaming with happiness. "Claude" he said, "my pains have almost completely disappeared!" "What kind of doctor is this Dr. Contreras", I asked him? "Which?" "Dr. Contreras". "It is funny, I do not believe I saw him", he confessed to me.

At the travel agency, in St.-Jerome, he had met a patient who was returning to Mexico City for the third year and who had asked him to make the trip with him.

This is how he found his way to "Dr. Perez’s". "How many treatments did you receive?" "Only two!" My answer was quite fast and direct: "He cannot be a real doctor. Medicine does not get those results! He is surely a healer!" "Healer or not, he did me a lot of good and I am returning to see him in ten days!" Surprised, I replied: "Well! Then I am going there with you". I would accompany him as a simple observer.

Ten days later, I traveled by plane with him to Mexico City. Dr. Perez greeted me in his clinic with the greatest cordiality. He was very happy to receive a Canadian doctor, coming from the country of insulin, the keystone of his therapy.

Between two consultations, we discussed medicine and of course Cellular Therapy (ICT). I had access to all his files. I saw his patients with him. I had much difficulty understanding the improvements and the relief occurring so quickly among chronic patients but I was not yet at the end of my surprises.

After having checked on the spot what was happening at the Perez clinic, I thought I was dreaming. My eyes were wide open with wonder and I had never thought of ever being treated there. I was suffering from a herniated disc recognized as necessitating surgery. (See neurological diseases case # 7.)

A neuro-surgeon and two orthopedists had confirmed the diagnosis. I refused the surgery that was offered to me, knowing too well, by experience, the possible after-effects. I thus accepted the medical treatment that Dr. Perez offered to me.

The days after my first treatment, all pain had 100% disappeared. And, after 19 years, in 1995, I can declare under oath that it has never reappeared. Is it simple relief or clinical cure? Four other cases of herniated discs I have treated reacted to this treatment in the same manner. (See neurological diseases cases # 3, 4, 5, & 8.)



I was impressed, it is true! I did not have any pain any more! It was my own case and I had been suffering for five months.

With reflection, understanding, a background of 23 years of experience as general practitioner, I returned from Mexico City shaken in my medical convictions: It was not the medicine that had been taught to me. The results were too quick, and too strong. They surpassed the known medicine.

My conventional medicine had become routine. I worked very actively, the only doctor, I could say "on call", in a radius of 40 km (25 miles) for the 8,000 inhabitants I was looking after day and night, with all my heart and to the best of my ability.



The patients felt too good, too soon. I had the clear impression that Donato was hiding something from me; perhaps that he added drugs in his treatment, cocaine perhaps? I befriended the nurse who prepared the treatment, I slipped into the laboratory to watch, discretely of course, each dose, and each medication, and I left her only when she had administered the treatment in my presence.

It was only after I administered my first treatment six months later, that all my doubts disappeared.

As I advanced in these still uncharted waters, I discovered that, what had initially seemed to me a mirage, was a reality. Still today, I continue to question myself and wonder.




The first patient I treated in Quebec was a lady from Lake Saint-Jean (R-AT), 41 years of age, ill for the last 12 years, operated on 14 times and for the last four years, alternating her stays in the hospital every two months with two-week periods at home.

Her medical file was so heavy that I could only think of Dr. Perez’s therapy to attack and face all her problems. She could not afford the trip to Mexico and offered to be my "guinea-pig". I accepted.

The day following the treatment, I was very moved by the results. All the problems--circulatory, respiratory, gastro-intestinal, and genito-urinary--melted like snow in the sun. In 1993, she was still living a normal life and had not needed to be hospitalized again.

The news spread like wildfire. People called me and came from Gaspesie, Sherbrooke, Quebec, the metropolis, Ontario, and the United States. A businessman arrived from Paris. The more I asked them not to talk about it, the more my popularity increased.



Two cases mainly, referred by colleagues, awoke the College and generated some questions: The first (see respiratory diseases, case # 5): the patient was very happy to announce to her attending physician that the anti-allergic vaccinations she had been receiving for the last 7 years were no longer necessary, since her single treatment on November 13, 1976. The second case (see neurological diseases, case # 4): After 18 months of orthopedic consultations every other week, a farmer was happy to announce the good news to his non-believing treating physician: The problems of herniated disc and lumbar-sciatica (lumbar pain and pain of the sciatic nerve) had disappeared.



On May 16, 1977, I addressed to the President of the Corporation des Médecins du Québec (the Quebec College of Medicine), the following letter:


Dear Doctor,

Following complaints formulated by doctors about the new therapy I have used for a few months, allow me to announce some relevant observations to you, which are, I believe, likely to neutralize these remarks dictated by feelings other than professional concern to improve the physical and moral well-being of patients.

I do not doubt the good faith of my colleagues, but I simply regret that they did not condescend to get any information about the technique and the results obtained before transmitting a complaint to your office.

You undoubtedly remember that before your departure for China, not being able to meet you personally, I had brought to your attention by telephone the marvelous treatment I had learned abroad, the kind of medication used, and the incredible results I had obtained. Speaking unofficially, you had made it clear to me that no one could reproach me, that I meant the best for the well-being of my patients, and that you were going to refer the case to Dr. X.

What surprises me the most about my colleagues, is the fact that none of them had, to date, enough professional common sense to inquire about the kind of therapy I was dispensing, the medications used, their dosages, or even quite simply the guiding principle. They were only satisfied to criticize me in spite of the successes obtained and to say to some of my patients they saw on occasion, that I use the same treatment for everyone and in all the cases (which is false), that I had "magnetized" them, and that they as well could have given it to them, "some cortisone", without even knowing whether or not I was using it, etc.

On the other hand, I have had the honor to treat, in the presence of a first class practitioner, the 79 year old Dr. Albert Joannette from Sainte-Agathe, a lung specialist for 55 years, a case of allergic asthma which went back 10 years (see respiratory diseases, case # 3). This doctor, who had signed a 100% work disability certificate for a young man age 25, has re-examined him less than one month after the beginning of my treatment and has signed for him a new return to work certificate. (See respiratory diseases, case # 1.)

With the professional conscience, which is recognized to him, this famous specialist expressed his scientific interest by telephoning me, a simple general practitioner. He drove over 200 miles (330 km) and sacrificed his day off to inquire about the method with which I had been able to treat AH, 25 years old.

I even had the opportunity, on his request, to give a complete treatment to a new case of allergic asthma, MPL, a 44 year old woman, whom I had referred to him for a pulmonary examination and tests of respiratory function a few days earlier. (See respiratory diseases, case # 3.)

I noted, on her file, that three doctors, a general practitioner, a specialist in ORL, and another in allergy, had advised against and even forbade my treatment to this patient, without knowing what kind of treatment it was. The treatment was given without any problems nor any risks at any time, and the patient who had incurred between 2 and 4 asthma attacks and took approximately 14 tablets per day, has not had a single attack to date, since this single and only treatment, and has not taken any medication since. I have several similar cases.

Your investigator was able to meet at my office a patient of mine treated in November 1976 and check her statements (see respiratory diseases, case # 5).

One could judge me for daring to have attempted alone, as a maverick, this practice which does not have anything revolutionary, but which is simply evolutionary. Knowing what I had learned about this new form of therapy and its beneficial results, I had no choice. I had to pursue it.

I would perhaps have been forbidden, without giving it the attention it deserved, a practice which opens incredible horizons to medicine, as well in allergy, in respiratory diseases, digestive, dermatology, cardiology and even in neurology. For an expert, it is an incredible asset.

It is the doctor’s duty to announce his discovery to the other members of the medical profession. I did not discover this therapy: I discovered only its existence and I learned a lot about it. I have put at the service of this therapy my 23 years of general practice. The drugs used are primarily the same ones as we normally use. Only the technique of administration and the dosages differ.

I will point out to you also that each case takes approximately 3 to 4 hours of my time, which very few doctors grant to their patients. Thereafter, I remain in direct communication with my patients, requiring from them a strict low toxicity and low fat diet, a well-balanced life style, without tobacco or alcohol, restricting the maintenance medication to its simplest expression. (A patient of mine went from 41 to 3 tablets per day with an incredible improvement in a few days.) It is undoubtedly not very popular with the pharmaceutical companies who still seek the miracle drug that will make it possible for anyone to make any abuses with impunity.

I hope these explanations will enable you to formulate an opinion about the complaints received.

With my best regards and the memory from a former colleague, I remain,

Jean-Claude Paquette, M.D.

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