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        The US insulin study group of the 1930s reported that migraine headaches were helped with injection of small amounts of insulin.

        Dr. Paquette, in his book Medicine of Hope, has a section on migraines and headaches.  In it he presents two cases of chronic headaches.   In his understanding, migraine is actually a circulatory problem, due indirectly to liver  problems and biliary dyskinesia.  His method of IPT was able to clear these blockages, and the migraines would go away.

        The Drs. Perez Garcia most likely have had cases of migraine, although I do not currently have information about them.

[IPTQ Webhost Update 7/11/03:  A biliary dyskinesia patient has suggested that Dr. Paquette's ideas about this condition are incorrect or out of date.  She provided these links for more recent information: 1, 2, and 3.  It appears that Dr. Paquette was using this term to refer to a wider range of problems, "Bad elimination of bile", which IPT might be able to address.]



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