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        IPT has been around, though only available to a few,  for more than seventy years, three or four human generations.  It is my hope that it will finally begin to reach its potential in the next few years.

        There are many positive developments in the realm of IPT.  Dr. SGA, and Drs. Perez Garcia 2 and 3 were invited to present their best cancer cases to the NIH in September, 2000.  More doctors from more countries have been learning IPT from Dr. Perez Garcia 3.  Dr. SGA has been on a national radio program.  And this website is here, with you looking at it.

        A sad passage occurred on November 23, 2000, when Donato Perez Garcia y Bellon MD, the master of IPT, died in Mexico City.  He and his many years of experience applying IPT to a broad range of diseases will be greatly missed, and represent a great loss to IPT and to humanity.

        A great event happened February 21-22, 2001, when the first US IPT training seminar was held, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Twenty physicians and one veterinarian learned IPT.

First IPT training seminar Feb 2001
Dr. Perez Garcia 3 speaking at the training seminar.
Click to enlarge.

        At the second IOMA training session, held in Oklahoma City June 22-24, 2001, instructors SGA and Dr. Perez Garcia taught IPT to seven new physicians and one nurse.  

Second IPT training seminar June, 2001
Dr. SGA demonstrates IPT technique 
to participants at second US IPT training seminar in June, 2001,
 as Dr. Perez Garcia looks on.
Click to enlarge.

        Now, in this new millennium, more than seven decades since IPT was discovered, I offer to you this IPTQ.org website.  A compact package of IPT information that can travel around the world at light speed, at your command.   A few megabytes spinning on a server's hard drive somewhere, that you can browse, download, print out, and forward to your friends with minimal effort, at any time of any day.

        I like to think of IPTQ.org as one of those crystals of knowledge that Superman finds in his treasury.  The legacy of his people.   The distilled wisdom and knowledge of an advanced planet long ago and far away.   However,  this IPTQ information package is easy to reproduce, and has live links to living people, with the opportunity to form a community of interest.  On this planet.  

        IPTQ.org is designed to proliferate seeds of knowledge about IPT around the world.  People can find this site via search engines, or through mentions by the media, or by referral from their friends.  

        So let us release the IPT genie from the constricting bottle of the past.  It is too late for IPT to become properly tested, understood, and widely available in the 20th century.  That time is gone.  

You could make a step in the history of IPT right now, if you want to.  

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