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Dr. Jean-Claude Paquette (1927-1995)
Dr. Jean-Claude Paquette

Jean-Claude Paquette, who died in 1995, was a doctor in Ferme-Neuve, a town in rural Quebec, Canada.  To our knowledge, he was the only doctor until now, besides the Drs. Perez Garcia, who has  successfully applied the technique of IPT on a regular basis for many years in his practice.  This is an important fact, not because there is only one such doctor, but because it shows clearly that IPT knowledge and skills and successes are transportable to doctors and patients outside of Mexico.  

        Dr. Paquette met Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2 in 1976, one year after Dr. SGA met him.  He studied with Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2 in Mexico City, and then tried IPT in his rural Canadian practice.  It worked, and very successfully.  In many cases, spectacularly.  He went on to use IPT for his patients for more than a decade.  

Dr. Paquette        Although his father, Dr. Albiny Paquette, had been Minister of Health of Quebec, and although he obtained wonderful, often astounding results with his patients, Dr. Paquette had a harder time communicating these successes to his fellow doctors.   They were apparently jealous or suspicious, or at least they did not understand, and they made things very difficult for him.  He set up a clinic in Haiti, where he could practice IPT without sanctions, and ran it from 1978 to 1981.  But he missed Quebec and returned.  The local medical society, through a court battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court, took away his license to practice medicine, a devastating blow for someone who just wanted to help his patients.   "Medicine is my only profession, my vocation; I have invested in it my whole life."  Could a better lawyer have given this story a happier ending?

Dr. Paquette's clinic in Haiti
Dr. Paquette's clinic in Haiti

        In 1994 Dr. Paquette finished a book in French about his IPT knowledge and experience --  Médecine de l'Espoir   (Medicine of Hope),  and was preparing it for publication in 1995 when he died.  The book was printed, and is only now being released.  From a single photocopy, given to me by Drs. Perez Garcia 2 and 3, I scanned his delightful book into my computer, and am publishing it here on IPTQ.com in the original French, and in English translation (thanks to the great efforts of volunteer translator Aimé Ricci, who also proofread the French version).   This book has many wonderful anecdotes, and explains the IPT technique very clearly, in general terms.  By publishing Dr. Paquette's book here, it is my intention to fulfill one of his most earnest dreams.  For the first time, this very special, eloquent book is now available to a worldwide audience.  Readers of English or French are in for a real treat.  

Read the book in English.
   Read the book in French.

        In his book, Dr. Paquette claimed that he had perfected the IPT technique of the Drs. Perez Garcia.   It is not clear what he meant by "perfected".  Perhaps it meant that he had perfected his own practice of it, in the way that each person must perfect bicycle riding for himself.  Perhaps he found a modification of dose and timing that worked better for him.  And we do know that he was always searching for better medicines to use with the technique.  I do not at present have records of exactly what improvements he might have made.  Perhaps they will become clear if, through his family, IPT researchers can gain access to his patient files.  (We have learned that these files still exist, thanks to the efforts of his son Louis Paquette.)  As described in his book, the technique sounds identical to that used by the doctors in Mexico.  What is clear, though, is that he used IPT with marvelous results for many patients.

        Unfortunately, Dr. Paquette did not leave behind the one most valuable death-defying and time-transcending resource of all... a student.  We are left with the task of piecing together his innovations from the records that remain.  We should be grateful that three generations of Drs. Donato Perez Garcia have kept IPT a living art.

Dr. Jean-Claude Paquette (1927-1995)

        In 1995, Dr. Paquette died in his sleep of an aorta aneurysm.

         Dr. SGA has written, in an unpublished article:   "If ever there was a man who had died of a broken heart, Dr. Jean-Claude Paquette -- with his beloved medicine and his wonderful discovery of IPT ripped away from his healing hands -- this was such a man."


Appeal to Patients of the late Dr. Paquette:

If you were a patient of Dr. Paquette, please contact the webhost of IPTQ.   I would love to hear about your experiences, and so would other readers.  With your permission, I could post them here.

Appel aux Patients de feu le Docteur Paquette : 

Si vous avez été un patient du Docteur Jean-Claude Paquette, veuillez avoir la bonté de contacter l'hôte du site IPTQ.com par e-mail ou de m'appeler au numéro 650-72xxxx.  De même que mes lecteurs, je me ferais un plaisir d' écouter le récit de vos expériences avec le Docteur Paquette.  Avec votre permission, je les publierais ici.


Dr. Paquette handwrote the following note in the front of the prepublication copy of his book which he gave to his IPT teacher and friend, Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2:

        To my very dear friend Donato who showed me the fabulous medicine of his father.

        Here's a dedication of the pre-issuing edition of my book written with LOVE for the ones who have enough of being sick.

        Unfortunately, it has not yet been translated in Spanish nor in English.  Maybe one day - - - ?

          Avec toute mon amitié.




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