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Future Possibilities and Speculations about IPT
by Chris Duffield

        In his 1939 patent, Dr. Perez Garcia 1 described his technique for curing previously untreatable neurosyphilis.  He used insulin to allow the body to absorb and tolerate LARGER than normal amounts of highly toxic heavy metal (mercury and arsenic) drugs, to transport them into the central nervous system, and then, presumably, to eliminate them from the body.  It worked.

        I would like to propose that, based on this experience, insulin (perhaps best in the IPT protocol) could be used  to treat heavy metal poisoning, whether acute or chronic.  Apparently insulin and glucose may be able to do this largely by themselves.  Dr. Perez Garcia 1 used calcium gluconate or calcium chloride in his syphilis protocol, and this may be necessary for best effect.  Other medications may assist the process.  Perhaps EDTA or other chelators will work well with IPT.  I suspect that we will find that IPT can remove heavy metals from the brain and spinal cord and other hard-to-reach tissues much faster than other protocols can.

        It would be wonderful if IPT were a fast, easy, and inexpensive treatment for children, typically from lower-income families, who have heavy metal poisoning.  (Most commonly this is lead poisoning from exposure to old paint.)

        One common cause of heavy metal poisoning, according to some dentists and doctors, is mercury absorption from amalgam tooth fillings.  [See www.hugnet.com, the website of Hal Huggins DDS ]  Perhaps IPT could help remove this poison from the body, including the brain, after the amalgam fillings are removed.  

        Although chelation therapy for cardiovascular problems is controversial, some doctors claim good results with it.  As currently practiced, it takes a long time, and many infusion sessions, to achieve best results.  Perhaps a slight IPT modification of the protocol, using insulin and glucose, could greatly increase the effectiveness and speed of this kind of treatment.  A small amount of insulin could be mixed with the IV chelation fluid, or a small amount of insulin could be given beforehand, with chelating ingredients delivered intravenously with glucose.

        Detoxification of the body has always been an important function of IPT, as taught by Drs. Perez Garcia 1, 2, and 3.  Dr. Paquette, student of Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2,  wrote that one of the most important roles of IPT is ICT">speeding detoxification of the body.  These can be toxins from normal living that have built up due to poor elimination or disease, or they can be toxins added to the body through medications, drug addiction, alcoholism, or smoking.  Like the Drs. Perez Garcia, he used a number of different drugs within the IPT protocol, to clean out and improve the detoxifying function of liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, intestines, and circulatory system.  "It [detoxification] is the first and the most significant part of the treatment.  In my opinion, we must give credit to detoxification for approximately 55% of the obtained success. This therapy unique in the world is the most powerful, the fastest there is: it reaches in a few days what several weeks of diet and fasting cannot bring to detoxification."  Here is a link to three cases of detoxification from alcohol and drug addiction.

Therapy for poisoning.  Here is a recent report of treatment for severe calcium channel blocker overdose.  A mixture of insulin and glucose may greatly increase survival from this type of poisoning.  (J Toxicol Clin Toxicol 1999;37(4):463-74)  

Many other detoxification applications for IPT may be discovered for acute and chronic poisoning.


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