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Polio Film



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        Drs. Perez Garcia 1 and 2 successfully treated children stricken by polio paralysis, during an outbreak in Mexico City in the 1940s and 1950s.  Dr. Perez Garcia 1 presented nine detailed clinical histories of acute polio and infantile paralysis he successfully treated, along with his theory and method, in his 1953 book Cellular Therapy.  The polio chapter is a good summary of knowledge about polio at the time.  But the cases and method were far ahead of his time and even ahead of our time.

     Speculation:  In 2002, polio like paralysis symptoms were found in some West Nile Virus patients.  Perhaps IPT could be used to treat the infection and reverse these symptoms.  [CDuffield 11-24-2002]

        Dr. Perez Garcia 2 had protocols in his practice for treating both acute and chronic poliomyelitis, presumably based on his father's pioneering work.

        Dr. Perez Garcia 2 produced a 22 minute film showing two cases of polio treated with IPT.   Click below to watch it now, in English or Spanish.      If it does not play automatically, you may need to save the file to your hard drive, and then click on it to launch the QuckTime Viewer.  You may enlarge the movie by dragging the lower right corner of the viewer.  (Requires free QuickTime plug-in.  Download it here.  Film Copyright 2002 by Donato Perez Garcia (3), all rights reserved.)

English (low resolution, 5Mb) (best for slow connections)
     English (medium resolution, 18 Mb)
          English (high resolution, 32 Mb)

Spanish-Español (low resolution, 5 Mb) (best for slow connections)
     Spanish-Español (high resolution, 32 Mb)

The narration text has also been transcribed in English, and soon will be available in Spanish.

Here are images taken from the film:

pboybefore.jpg (5238 bytes) Boy patient before IPT treatment.
Paralysis is very clear
in the film.  His left leg is
pboytreat2.jpg (4393 bytes) Boy patient receiving  intramuscular IPT
pboy walking.jpg (5866 bytes) Boy after course of IPT
treatments.  Walking
and running normally.
pgirlbefore.jpg (4533 bytes) Girl before IPT treatment.
Complete paralysis is very clear in the film.  She cannot sit up, and cannot raise her arms or legs.  Her whole body is limp, and there are no foot or knee reflexes.
pgirlkick.jpg (7267 bytes) Girl after IPT treatments,
dancing and walking
pgirladult.jpg (16294 bytes) This woman in the
1980s was a polio
patient successfully treated by the Drs. Perez Garcia when she was a child.

        There was some controversy in Mexico surrounding the presentation of these cases, according to Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2.  Other doctors had never seen such rapid recoveries, so some of them denied that the children actually had polio paralysis in the first place. 

Also, many children who experience paralysis later recover much of their function, even without IPT.  However, the Drs. Perez Garcia clearly felt that with IPT, children could obtain a much faster, more complete recovery, without suffering any major long-lasting effects from the disease.

        How was IPT achieving such good results?  Perhaps it was helping kill any remaining viruses.  But to me it certainly looks like IPT was helping to regenerate motor neurons and spinal reflexes.  Perhaps the insulin was acting as a neural growth factor and stimulator of remyelination, and the added nutrients were supporting neuron proliferation and growth.   Perhaps it was stimulating neural stem cells or bone marrow stem cells to form new neurons.

        Polio is a rare disease now, and health officials hope to see it eliminated soon from the human population.  However, this IPT information may be of help to the few patients who do develop the disease.  And a safe trial of IPT should definitely be considered for the few children who catch polio from the oral vaccine (vaccine related polio), as the World Health Organization coordinates the final eradication of polio over the next few years.  Finally, many of the adults who had polio in the 1950s epidemic are now experiencing a return of symptoms in "post-polio syndrome".  Could IPT help them to recover their normal physical agility?

        Perhaps the greatest present value of these polio cases is their suggestion that IPT may work as well in cases of other neurological diseases and injuries.

Here is an email from a woman whose son was cured of polio in 1988, after seven IPT treatments.  
[English translation from original Spanish by Maria Anabel Cañon, edited by Chris Duffield.]

From: Norma Cortina
Date: Fri Jun 15, 2001 9:24 am
Subject: Thanks for your letter
To: Donatopg3@...

 Dear Dr. Donato Perez Garcia,

 We want to thank you very much for your letter. You probably don’t remember us, since you must have lots of patients, but you treated my son Juan Carlos Sanchez Cortina in 1988, when he was 3 years old and was suffering from polio. When we went to see you and your father, he was already in bad condition: his hip and right foot were completely flaccid. Thanks to you and your father, and with the intramuscular medical technique you applied to him in 7 treatments, he recovered very well, and he’s been playing football since first grade.  Now he is 15 years old and keeps playing his favorite sport. For my husband and me it’s been a wonderful miracle.   Thanks to God and to you my son could walk again, and now he is a healthy and strong teenager. I don’t know what we would have done without your help; he might not be walking right now.

 I also wanted to ask you if you still have your consulting office in Mexico City, for I see that your current address is Tijuana BC. We’d like to see you or your father again for my son to have another examination; we’ve noticed lately that he limps a little. We don’t want to feel alarmed, but we’d like you to examine him again.

 Once again, both my family and I want to thank you with all our hearts for your help; may God bless you, so that you can keep helping mankind with your treatments.

 Kindest regards,

Sanchez Cortina family.

Tel.: 01 (5) 356-5280 (Home)
tel.: 01 (5) 208-3917/ 511-7221/ 533-4371 (Workplace, where you can find Mrs. Norma Cortina).

[Note that Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon had died the previous year, and the office in Mexico City was closed.]

Original version in Spanish (en español)

From: Norma Cortina
Date: Fri Jun 15, 2001 9:24 am
Subject: gracias por la carta
To: DonatoPG3@yahoo.com

Estimado Dr. Donato Perez Garcia:

Agradecemos infinitamente la carta enviada por usted posiblemente no se acuerde de nosotros ya que me imagino tiene demasiados pacientes pero mi hijo Juan Carlos Sanchez Cortina fue paciente de usted en el año 1988 cuando tenia 3 años de edad y sufrio problemas de polio cuando fuimos con usted y su señor padre mi hijo tenia ya graves problemas de polio tenia completamente caida la cadera y pie del lado derecho.  Gracias a usted y su padre y con la tecnica medica intramuscular que ustedes aplicaron a mi hijo en 7 tratamientos mi hijo quedo muy bien y gracias a su medicina y tratamiento desde primer año de primaria mi hijo a estado jugando football, a la fecha tiene 15 años de edad y sigue jungando su deporte favorito como ya lo mencione anteriormente, para mi esposo y una servidora esto ha sido un milagro maravilloso ya que con la gracia de Dios y de ustedes mi hijo volvio a caminar y ahora es un adolescente sano y fuerte, no se que hubieramos hecho sin su ayuda y si nuestro hijo estaria caminando en la actualidad. 

Aprovecho el presente e-mail para preguntarle si todavia tiene consultorio en la ciudad de Mexico ya que veo que su direccion actual es Tijuana, B.C., ya que nos interesaria tener una cita con usted o su señor padre para que vieran a mi hijo y le pudieran hacer una revision, porque actualmente hemos notado en nuestro hijo que cojea un poco no queremos alarmarnos pero si nos gustaria que ustedes lo revisaran.

Nuevamente mi familia y una servidora agradecemos infinitamente su ayuda y que Dios le de todas las bendiciones para que siga ayudando a toda la humanidad con sus tratamientos.

Saludos Cordiales.
Familia Sanchez Cortina.

Tel.: 01 (5) 356-5280 casa
tel.: 01 (5) 208-3917/ 511-7221/ 533-4371 oficina.en los telefonos de la
oficina se encuenta una servidora Sra. Norma Cortina.

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