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Position Paper on IPT Action 
                (updated December 18, 2000)

        Insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) has been around for a long time without being known, without being researched and tested, without being used for the benefit of large numbers of patients for treatment of many diseases.  If IPT is real, if it works, if it could be of great value to millions of patients, then there can be no good excuse for this blocked state of affairs.  

        My goal in publishing IPTQ.org is to help turn this situation around by dissolving many of the hurdles that have stood in the way of IPT for 72 years.  

        The primary function of IPTQ.org is to make information about IPT quickly and easily available to anyone with a web browser.  Technical and non-technical information about IPT is now available here, worldwide, for the first time ever.  Before IPTQ, we would have to talk to people individually, and get them more information by photocopies and fax.  This is no longer the case.  People can view and print IPT information as they wish.  And now anyone can share this library of information with anyone else by sending them an email about IPT, with the web address http://www.iptq.org  .   This sets the stage for rapid growth of IPT recognition through recommendation by friends and associates.

        A secondary function of IPTQ.org is to advocate for IPT-related action.  Without individual and collective action, another 72 years could go by without the benefits of IPT being available to mankind.  The actions we favor include:

  1. Education of the public about IPT.  People need to know that IPT exists now, that it has been around (but not on a large scale) for seven decades, that it is being researched, and that more doctors are learning and applying it today.  Public awareness, interest, and demand will speed research and deployment of IPT.
  2. Education of doctors about IPT.  If IPT works, it could answer the dreams of doctors for a way to treat diseases faster, more effectively, at lower cost, and with better outcomes for their patients.  Training in IPT is simple and fast.  As more doctors become interested in IPT, learn and apply the IPT method, report their results, and share information, IPT will enter the mainstream of medicine.
  3. More IPT research.   Clinical trials will show us whether or not the glowing anecdotal reports from 130 plus doctor-years of IPT practice can be corroborated and extended in a wider clinical setting.  Laboratory research will help us understand better what is going on during IPT, and why it apparently works so well.
  4. Invite Dr. Perez Garcia to move to the US.  Here he can be most effective in teaching and consulting with doctors, ensuring that IPT treatment programs are well designed, and helping define the research agenda.   This would make it so much easier for everyone to take advantage of the 104 years of cumulative IPT experience in his family, that he represents.  As he puts it, to have a really good French restaurant, you would want the best French chef in the kitchen.  Dr. Perez Garcia is the master chef of IPT.   San Francisco Bay Area is his first choice of locations, but he is open to other possibilities.
  5. Education of governments and officials.   These are the people who can fund much of the research, and who can see that IPT is applied once it has been clearly established to provide better results at lower cost.
  6. Education of business people.   Healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, and even pharmaceutical companies will discover that widespread implementation of IPT could create many large business opportunities, whether for new products or lowered costs.
  7. Implementation of IPT in the developing world, where appropriate.  A small amount of research should tell us if IPT could be a better and practical treatment for some of the plagues of humanity, and if it can perhaps help address the problems of drug resistance in disease organisms.  If IPT can speed treatment, have better results, and lower costs, even at the expense of a little more complexity and a higher level of training for health workers, then it will be a major breakthrough for the world.
  8. Attracting philanthropists to IPT.  IPT appears to promise a huge multiplier of benefits relative to costs.  A few million dollars invested in IPT could provide trillions of dollars of value for humanity, and could immeasurably help countless individual lives.  I am looking for the right person or people to lead the way.

        In addition to publishing IPTQ.org on the web, I have also proposed the establishment of the Stanford IPT Research Initiative (SIPTRI) to help establish Stanford University (in cooperation with the University of California at San Francisco) as a premiere clinical and laboratory center  for IPT research, training, and implementation.  The intellectual, financial, and technological resources here in the Bay Area are unmatched anywhere.  So this seems to be an ideal place to catalyze the further evolution of IPT.  I was turned down for funding by the Stanford Bio-X Program, but am discussing  possibilities with faculty members of the Stanford Medical School and with private funding sources.  Other universities and cities are also being considered.

        In conclusion, I am very optimistic about the prospects for ending 70 years of inaction on IPT, quickly and soon.  And through IPTQ.org and other initiatives, I am looking forward to playing a role in this evolution.

 Sincerely,  Chris Duffield Ph.D., webhost of IPTQ.org



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