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        The Drs. Perez Garcia have used IPT with remarkable success in treating many difficult respiratory conditions.    Dr. Paquette, student of Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2, found similar results.  We have records on IPTQ of two respiratory conditions treated with IPT by Drs. Perez Garcia 2 and  3, and 23 cases treated by Dr. Paquette.  Here are links to them:

        A case of pneumococcal pneumonia in the 1992 patent.  After 4 IPT treatments over 7 days, this patient was well again.

        A case of asthma, in the 1992 patent.  This patient, after suffering from asthma for 12 years, became symptom free for at least 4 years after 9 IPT treatments.  

        Also in the 1992 patent is a discussion of medication mixture recipes for respiratory diseases used by Drs. Perez Garcia 2 and 3.  One favored drug mixture used by them for such cases combines medications with antiinflammatory, bronchodilator, antihistamine, and muculytic properties.

Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon (2) had a protocols for treating asthma and chronic bronchitis in his practice in 1975.

        Dr. Paquette has a whole section on use of IPT for respiratory diseases in his book Medicine of Hope.  He describes 23 respiratory cases, 11 of them of allergic origin.  The cases include respiratory allergies, bronchitis,  rhinitis (irritation of nasal membranes), sinusitis, severe asthma, and even emphysema, which is supposedly irreversible.  Many of the cases had not responded to other treatments, often for years.  But the results with IPT were often spectacular.  

        He wrote:  "I often had fabulous results; I was feeling overwhelmed and had a hard time hiding my tears. I felt people so happy expressing their joy to me. No matter how much I asked them not to talk about it, the news was spreading from mouth to ear and the patients were flocking from all corners of the Province, other Provinces, and even from abroad."

        I wish he were still alive to demonstrate his skills today.  We hope to gain access to his patient records to see if he used the same medications as the Drs. Perez Garcia, or if he had developed some new combinations.



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