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Future Possibilities and Speculations about IPT
by Chris Duffield

        Sepsis and septic shock are severe reactions to infection in the body.  In sepsis, inflammation in reaction to the infection triggers a cascade of blood coagulation, which can lead to multiple organ failure and death.  Sepsis may be the most common cause of death in intensive care units, with mortality of 40%.  More than 500,000 people per year develop sepsis in the US, with mortality of 35 to 45%.  No specific treatment is known.

        I suggest (11/4/2000) that IPT could be a part of or even the basis of successful sepsis treatment.  IPT has certainly been shown, anecdotally, to work rapidly and effectively to deliver drugs better into isolated compartments of the body, and to boost the effectiveness of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.  Cases of IPT treatment of appendicitis and necrotic and ischemic injuries suggest that it might work in sepsis patients as well.  

        A good place to start would be to use a combination of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and possibly anti-clotting factors along with IPT.  The antibiotics would be to quickly end the causative infection, wherever it may be, even if it is hidden and unknown, as it is in 20 to 30% of cases.  This alone might stop sepsis in the early stages.  The anti-inflammatories would suppress and moderate the inflammation, and help quiet and rebalance the immune system.  And the anti-clotting factors would help restore normal coagulation function of the blood.  Biomedical professionals and experienced IPT doctors (the Drs. Perez Garcia) will have ideas for other beneficial agents to add to the IPT treatment; I am just suggesting the most obvious ones.



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