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This page is a log of major changes to the IPTQ.org website, with links to new and modified pages. 

8/18/2002  Polio movie is now available on IPTQ.

8/16/2002 Moved IPTQ to a better hosting company.  (Lots has happened, I just stopped revising this page for a year...  We now have more than 50 IPT trained doctors!!)

8-12-01 Uploaded revised text for Terapia Celular book, with proofreading and corrections by Aimé Ricci.

8-9-01  Added information for 3 new IPT doctors.

5-7-01  Added official US Patent Office TIF graphics files for all three IPT patents.  Now IPTQ visitors can see and print out the original patent pages.

4-17-01  Reorganized the doctors section for faster loading.

2-24-01  Updated the Doctors page with the 17 new IPT doctors, added a veterinary doctors page for the first IPT veterinarian, and added an animated map showing worldwide spread of IPT.

2-19-01  The final revisions by Aimé Ricci of Dr. Paquette's book, Médecine de l'Espoir, and its English translation, Medicine of Hope, have been installed on IPTQ.org.   

11-23-00  The tragic and untimely death of Donato Perez Garcia y Bellon, MD 2, has triggered a major rewriting, reformatting, and reorganization of the contents of IPTQ.org .  This process may take several weeks before completion.

11-3-00  Dr. Perez Garcia 3 interview is now online.   Suggestion that Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2 should receive the Nobel Prize.  A new IPT doctor, Dr. Rowen, is trained to practice IPT in Anchorage, Alaska.

11-2-00  Got letter from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation:  No funding, but good wishes.

10-6-00  Received a letter of encouragement from US President Bill Clinton.

9-23-00 Added Sports & Rehabilitation medicine page, in honor of the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

9-21-00 Support IPTQ page added.  IPTQ readers now have the option to send a gift support the website online.

9-4-00   IPT Transition page, about the features of IPT that suggest it could help bring big and rapid change in medicine.

8-28-00  The IPT Value $$ page is finally done, explaining how IPT could be worth trillions of dollars to humanity.  There is a new page about cancer patient Mrs. Sabina Wurmbrand, who instead of dying in two days, had 9 IPT treatments and lived an additional two months with improved quality of life and palliated symptoms.  Inspired by her case, there is now a page on the use of IPT at the End of Life.

8/15/00 Dr. Perez Garcia 1's 1953 book Terapia Celular is now scanned and partly edited, in Spanish.  A volunteer translator is needed to translate it into English, and to edit the original.  This book has great historical value since Dr. Perez Garcia 1 describes in detail cases where he successfully treated syphilis, polio, peptic ulcers, pyloric stenosis, and appendicitis using IPT.  The theory, formulas, and observations may still be of value to doctors today as they modify the technique to use today's drugs and materials.

7/4/00 Completed addition of a second book to the site:  Cellular Cancer Therapy, by Drs. Perez Garcia 1 and 2, published around 1978.

6/3/00  Started a page for Public Letters to public figures, so IPTQ readers can follow our correspondence with politicians, foundations, etc.

6/2/00  Completed a page for Dr. Perez Garcia 3's IPT Training Program for medical doctors.  It includes a response form.

5/20/00  Added a page for the new Stanford IPT Research Initiative proposal.  Completed pages in the Media Kit section of the site.

5/19/00  New Site Map page loads faster.  Added contents outline to Diseases page.

5/8/00 Submitted site to all the major search engines.

5/7/00  All pages have been edited again.  Returned to longer multifunction home page, by user request.  And I added a Tell-A-Friend page where visitors can conveniently send emails about IPTQ.org to their friends.  The site is now ready for search engine submission.

4/21/00  IPTQ is restructured, now with a shorter "splash" home page that will load faster, and the one-page brief summary of the site moved to a menu item.  The Welcome page is rewritten from scratch.

4/12/00  Metatags are now complete on all relevant pages.  The site is now ready for search engines.  Many pages have been modified.   The discussion forums have been removed from the site for now because they were not being used.  I can add them back at a later date.

3/8/00 I have finally finished the Diseases section of IPTQ.  The site, as I originally envisioned it, is complete.  Why did it take so long -- more than a year??  I wish I knew.  Anyway, it's done, and it is ready for spreading from individual to individual.  Press coverage will come later.  And there is a lot more material to add to the site.

2/28/00 Dr. SGA was interviewed by talk show host Deborah Ray on her program Here's to Your Health.

2/19/00 Registered IPTQ.net, which will be forwarding to IPTQ.com.  Now IPTQ is better protected from any interference or infringement.  I'm still working on the Diseases section.  

2/14/00 Registered IPTQ.org, which will be forwarding to IPTQ.com.  This keeps as many options as possible open for this website project.

2/8/00  Finished the IPT Method section, and uploaded final editing to Medicine of Hope today.  I finished the Action! section last week. 

1/21/00 The Discussion Forums are now up and working.  [removed on 4/12]

1/1/00   Happy new millenium.  This is the millennium, this is the century in which IPT will be  properly studied and implemented worldwide.  IPTQ.com has moved to a new web hosting service, Mindspring, which gives us enhanced features and better service than we had earlier.

12/19/99  Today, another glass of virtual champagne across space and time, to celebrate the first worldwide publication in English of Medicine of Hope, Insulin Potentiation Therapy, Dr. Jean-Claude Paquette's wonderful 1994/1995 book, here on IPTQ.com.  So another one of his great dreams is now realized.   For this first translation from French to English, we are all greatly indebted to Aimé Ricci, who volunteered many hours of his time for this project.  The text needs further editing, but this information is greatly needed, so we have rushed it to the web in this preliminary form.  The next step:  a Spanish translation.   Any volunteers?

10/20/99 Today, I lift a glass of virtual champagne across space and time, to celebrate the worldwide publication of the late Dr. Jean-Claude Paquette's wonderful 1994 book Médecine de l'Espoir here on IPTQ.com.  Thus one of his great dreams is now realized.  The book is published here in the original French.  I hope to see it translated into English and Spanish soon, to realize yet another of his great dreams.  

8/26/99 Added table of contents of Dr. Paquette's book  in French and English.

8/22/99  How IPT Works page done.

8/18/99  Donna McDermott interview and pages now finished editing.

8/12/99  Added and modified pages in the History section.

8/5/99  Put more pages up on web.

7/31/99 Uploaded IPTQ home page, making my self-imposed July deadline.


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