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Here is a PowerPoint slide show with Donato Perez Garcia MD 3  demonstrating the current IPT method.   This slide show lasts about 2 1/2 minutes and has a high-energy sound track, so be sure to have your speakers turned on...   It is bagpipe music from Asturias, the part of northern Spain where Dr. Perez Garcia 3's maternal grandfather was born.

slide 2.  Prepare medications.

slide 5.  Oral meds 5-10 min after insulin. slide 7.  Intravenous meds 25-40 min after insulin.
Sample of pictures from the slide show...

To run this slide show you must first have PowerPoint or a PowerPoint viewer installed on your computer.  You can download the PowerPoint viewer from Microsoft for Windows 95/98/NT/2000  or for Macintosh.   Save the file, then click on it to install the software.  Then, to play the slide show, click on the button above.  If the show does not open,  download the slide show file to your hard drive, open the viewer, and open the slide show file from within the viewer.

The slide show file size is 807K, which may take several minutes to download.

 Note:   This presentation is for education only, and does not contain all the information needed for IPT practice.  Doctors who want more information should contact Dr. Perez Garcia directly, or sign up for his IPT training seminar.



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