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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's)

    The first disease treated with IPT was a sexually transmitted disease -- syphilis in its final horrible stage, tertiary syphilis, neurosyphilis with symptoms of dementia and paralysis, leading to death.   Syphilis was the AIDS of the time, before the advent of antibiotics.  In its early stages it could be controlled and sometimes cured with very toxic heavy metal drugs.  But in its late stage, it was considered essentially incurable, a death sentence.  

        [Alan Dove, polio researcher, told me that there actually did exist one pre-penicillin treatment for tertiary syphilis -- giving the patient malaria prophylactically.  Today, June 1, 2000 I had a very interesting meeting with Stanford molecular pharmacology professor emeritus Tag Mansour.  Among other things, he gave me more details about malaria infection (apparently Plasmodium vivax, a less harmful species) being given as a treatment for neurosyphilis patients.  The way it worked was not well understood.  Perhaps immune stimulation.  At any rate, it worked well in most patients, except for a few of African descent.  This is how the resistance to malaria of people with sickle cell anemia  was discovered...]

        Into this stage stepped Dr. Perez Garcia 1, who demonstrated in 1928 that using insulin along with heavy metal drugs, he could cure tertiary syphilis and return dying people to health, with no lasting side effects.   This was a dramatic and heroic act, on the scale of the work of Pasteur or Salk.  He gained acclaim in Mexico, and toured US hospitals and military bases demonstrating it.  From May, 1937 to June, 1938, he successfully treated almost 600 neurological patients, most with neurosyphilis.  He got a US patent for his method in 1939, and appeared in Time Magazine in 1944.  And then he was erased from the fickle pages of history with the tumult of World War II, the loss of power by the military party in Mexico, and the advent of antibiotics.  

        When it is scanned and translated, you will be able to read what Dr. Perez Garcia 1 wrote about his treatment for syphilis in his 1953 book Cellular Therapy.  He had even incorporated antibiotics into his IPT protocol for syphilis by then, probably with faster results than with antibiotics alone.  But his moment of fame and glory was over.

        In 1987, Drs Perez Garcia 2 and 3 tried IPT for two patients with the AIDS of our day, HIV/AIDS itself.  In both cases, all symptoms went away quickly and dramatically, and one patient's HIV tests became negative.  We tried valiantly and futilely to get someone to take notice.  For more on AIDS and IPT, go to the HIV/AIDS page.

        Hepatitis is often transmitted through sexual contact.  IPT has successfully treated hepatitis, including hepatitis C.  See the Hepatitis page.

        Before AIDS appeared, herpes was the bane of the unprotected sex scene in the US of the 60s and 70s.  IPT has successfully treated different forms of herpes.  See the Herpes page.

        Here is a link to a case of acute gonorrhea salpingitis (pelvic inflammatory disease) successfully treated with three IPT treatments, as detailed in the 1992 patent.

        A case of trichomoniasis (a protozoan infection) accompanying cervical cancer is described in Cellular Cancer Therapy (case #23), not yet scanned

        I do not know of any cases of other STDs treated with IPT -- human papilloma virus (HPV or genital warts, often leading to cervical cancer) and Chlamydia trachomatis among them,   But based on IPT's record of rapid and successful treatment of other infections, I suspect that it will work for these, too.  Some diseases, such as gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia, are routinely treated with antibiotics alone.  But IPT could be used to treat them more quickly and thoroughly.   Herpes and HPV symptoms are treated symptomatically, but often return chronically.   IPT, with its better delivery of drugs into every tissue, offers hope of eradicating them from the body completely.



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