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Do I accept gifts?

Chris Duffield, IPTQ WebhostYes, of course!  If you like what I am doing, you are welcome to send encouragement in almost any form.  I love to get emails or letters.  I appreciate project help when it is needed (language translation, scanning, website design help, etc.).  And I would welcome opportunities to travel and talk to people about IPT, and to catalyze IPT research and implementation programs.  

And yes, I will gladly accept gifts of money to help support this work.  At present I do not have a nonprofit organization or sponsor, so gifts directly to me are not tax deductible.  I can arrange for a sponsoring nonprofit organization to receive large gifts, if you contact me first.

There are at least two good ways to send dollars to me:

1. Send me a check.  Please make it out to Chris Duffield, with the word "gift" written on the memo line.  
My address is:   Chris Duffield, PO Box 19652, Stanford CA 94309-9652  USA

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free  and secure!

2. Send me a gift on the web.  Use credit card or bank account through PayPal.  This is more convenient for both of us.  PayPal deducts 1.9 percent of each transaction.  Just click on this button----  

          Thank you.

           Chris Duffield Ph.D.
IPTQ.com webhost

Am I doing this website for the money?

        No.  IPTQ is my gift to the world.  Some things are worth doing without regard for finances.  This is one of them..  

        I want to get this information out to whoever needs it.  I have spent enormous amounts of my precious time, and a fairly large amount of my own funds to put this site together and maintain it.  I have spent years of my life working with the IPT doctors to get IPT known and tested.  This has cost me thousands of dollars directly, and much more in terms of financial opportunities foregone.


        IPTQ is independent.  I do not get referral fees from any of the doctors.  I am not selling any products on IPTQ.  I do hope to find the right lead philanthropist to help form a nonprofit organization to support IPT research and training, which might give me a salary someday.  I might also do a book or a movie.  I have a patent application for an invention that is slightly related to insulin potentiation, but so far there has been no encouragement from potential investors.  There is a small chance that the doctors will get royalties for the IPT patents, and if so,  I would receive a small percentage.  

        In the mean time, I do a little consulting, and work on new technology projects, and I have cut my expenses way down so that I can carry on this project as long as needed before it ignites.


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