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"IPT is a weapon of mass benevolence." 

"What we have here, friends, might be a way to quickly stop ongoing death and suffering of immense proportions.  We have no support industries and no army.  This initiative is starting with just me and my computer, a few doctors, and you and whoever else finds this website.  So please tell your friends.    Thank you."     
  ---Chris Duffield Ph.D., IPTQ.org webhost

Four methods to choose from:

  1. Forward or Send any IPTQ page to a friend from  your browser. While at the page, choose Send Page on the File menu.  Add friend's email address, and send it.
  2. Paste a link to any page in an email.  While at the page, highlight and copy http://www.iptq.com/filename from browser URL line.  Then paste it into email.
  3. Or just send an email directly.

Names and email addresses are kept confidential.

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