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Donato 1 at surgeons' meeting, 1950
Dr. Perez Garcia 1 presenting his talk to the 
9th National Assembly of Surgeons
 in Mexico City, November, 1950.

Doctors attending Dr. Perez Garcia 1's talk.

        In 1948, Dr. Perez Garcia 1 treated five patients with pyloric stenosis (narrowing or blockage of the opening between stomach and small intestine).  In each case, the disease started with gastritis, then escalated to ulcers, and finally stenosis, a life-threatening situation.  Surgery is still the primary standard treatment for this condition.  But Dr. Perez Garcia 1 used 90 units of insulin per patient (a large dose by today's IPT standards), and large doses of an arsenical drug.  After seven treatments per person, all five patients became asymptomatic, both clinically and radiologically.   They were all still completely well when he presented a paper about his results with this nonsurgical treatment of ulcers and appendicitis in 1950, at the 9th Annual  Congress of Surgeons, in Mexico City.  

[Read the original paper in Spanish.]

      One can only imagine the interest that these surgeons had in his unusual presentation.  Could it be true?    If it were true, it could mean a loss of much of their livelihood.  To me it is no surprise that they did not embrace his work and adopt IPT as their new method of choice. 

       Dr. Perez Garcia 1 was far, far ahead of his time.  It was not until 1995, 45 years later, that the NIH officially recognized that a bacterium Helicobacter pylori is the cause of most ulcers.  And treatment of ulcers with antibiotics did not become standard practice until 1997.  

        Think of all the benefits to patients that were missed because no one listened to this man.

        Dr. Perez Garcia 1 is still ahead of even our time.  Perhaps IPT could make today's antibiotic treatment of ulcers faster and more effective.  And the potential of IPT for healing ulcerated tissues, for healing pyloric stenosis without surgery,  all so clearly demonstrated by Dr. Perez Garcia 1 in 1950,  has yet to be explored.  Today's medicine knows nothing like it!

        Dr. Perez Garcia y Bellon 2 was, until his death, the only doctor with significant experience treating ulcers with IPT.   He had a protocol for treating peptic, gastric, or duodenal ulcers in his practice in 1975, as well as a similar protocol for treating malignant gastric ulcers.

        Three cases of peptic ulcer and five cases of pyloric stenosis are detailed in Dr. Perez Garcia 1's book Cellular Therapy.  Original text in Spanish.  English translation of the table of contents. (Text is currently being translated.)

        Duodenal ulcer --  a case by Drs. Perez Garcia 2 and 3 in the 1992 patent.



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