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Viral Diseases and IPT

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        Viral diseases have always been a part of human life.  Some kill us, while others take us out of action for a while.  Some annoy or irritate us, and others we never notice.  Some appear to go away after initial reactions, but can survive in a latent state, to manifest again.  

        Our bodies and immune systems have complex interactions with viruses.  There is growing evidence that many or most cancers, schizophrenia, and other chronic diseases may have a hidden viral infection as underlying cause.  That is why I am suggesting that a multi-pathogen IPT (MP-IPT) protocol be considered as part of treatment for many chronic diseases for which the causative infectious agent is not yet known.

        IPT has been found, in over 130 doctor-years of experience, to be extremely effective in treating a variety of viral diseases, as well as a number of chronic diseases that could have viral origin.   

        Chronic viral infections, like herpes and hepatitis, which can be treated only symptomatically, in their acute phase, with normal methods, appear to have been rapidly and completely cleared from the body using IPT.  Apparently IPT is able to deliver effective and therapeutic amounts of antiviral drugs into compartments of the body (such as the central nervous system (CNS)) where viruses can hide from ordinary drug treatment.

        Drs. Perez Garcia 1 and 2, in the 1950s, were successful in reversing the paralysis of polio in children.  It is not clear to me yet whether they were treating the viral infection or just the aftereffects.

        Perhaps most significant in the short term, Drs. Perez Garcia 2 and 3 tried IPT for two patients who had HIV/AIDS.  Both experienced remarkably fast recovery from their symptoms.  Dr. SGA has hypothesized that IPT could perhaps eliminate HIV infection by more effectively delivering antiviral drugs into the CNS, from which pockets of surviving virus can re-infect the patient.  The early clinical success of IPT treatment for HIV/AIDS certainly deserves a proper follow-up in clinical settings, perhaps first in Africa or Southeast Asia, where this disease is currently a plague of unbelievable proportions.

        More research into IPT treatment of viral infections is needed, of course.  I think we will find that it works very well in treating many viral diseases and virally-caused chronic diseases for which it has not yet been tried.

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