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Vladimir Tolchin, a Russian engineer, discovered in the mid-1900s a way to convert rotational movement into linear movement, in closed systems, apparently without reaction forces.  This is an apparent violation of Newton's third law of motion (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction).  Energy may be conserved, but linear momentum is apparently not.  Tolchin was suppressed while he was alive in Russia.  Now there is a revival of interest in his discovery.  The applications could include propellant-less satellite positioning and orientation, and propulsion in spacecraft, submarines and boats, aircraft, and automobiles.  IF the effect is real.

Vladimir Poponin, a Russian scientist now living in San Francisco and working with International Space Sciences Organization (ISSO), introduced me to Russian scientist Gennady Shipov in 1999.  Shipov has developed a physical theory to explain the Tolchin phenomenon, and has in 2000 moved to Thailand and carried out experiments which appear to verify and elucidate it.  Poponin and Shipov showed me a video of an old film of Tolchin's experiments. 

To the trained eye, this film is astounding.  Tolchin's devices appear to break the laws of physics as we learn them in introductory physics.  This film inspired me to analyze what it shows, and to try to duplicate and study the phenomenon myself.  Most scientists and engineers I have talked to have been very skeptical, and have not even been willing to watch the video.  But I decided to proceed.

Preliminary analysis of the Tolchin film

Research Progress Note 1: Inertioid experiments at Stanford, 19 August 2000

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